Applications of aluminum alloy in automobile

1.1 application of cast aluminum alloy

Cast aluminum alloy has excellent casting properties.Suitable alloy and casting method can be selected according to the purpose of use, part shape, dimension accuracy, quantity, quality standard, mechanical properties and other requirements and economic benefits.Casting aluminum alloy is mainly used for casting engine cylinder body, clutch shell, rear axle shell, steering gear shell, transmission, distribution mechanism, oil pump, water pump, rocker cover, wheel, engine frame, brake clamp, oil cylinder and brake disc and other non-engine components.

1.1.1 aluminum alloy for engine

Automobile engine made lightweight aluminum alloy is most obvious, with average weight loss of more than 30%, in addition, all of engine cylinder block and cylinder head have good performance, strong corrosion resistance of thermal conductivity of materials, and aluminum alloy has a very prominent advantage in these aspects, so the car manufacturers to engine research and development of aluminum.At present, many foreign automobile companies have adopted all-aluminum engine block and cylinder head.For example, general motors has adopted all-aluminum cylinder liner;French automobile company aluminum cylinder liner has reached 100%, aluminum cylinder body up to 45%;Both nissan's VQ and Toyota's lexus imz-fev6 use cast aluminum engine oil sumps.Chrysler's new V6 engine USES aluminum in both the block and the head.

Volkswagen's advanced 6.0L W12 engine is basically aluminum magnesium alloy, audi A8L 6.0 quattro car because of the use of W12 engine, the weight of the vehicle was then reduced to 1980kg, lower than all other models.With 450 horsepower and 560Nm of power, the W12 weighs only 4.7kg per horsepower, comparable to a high-performance sports car.

1.1.2 aluminum alloy for wheel hub

Aluminum wheel hub because of the quality of light, good heat dissipation, and has a good appearance, and gradually replaced the steel wheel hub.In the past 10 years, the global growth rate of aluminum alloy automobile wheel hub is 7.6%, according to the analysis, by 2010, the rate of aluminum alloy automobile wheel hub can reach 72% ~ 78%.A365 is a kind of casting aluminum alloy, which has good casting properties and high comprehensive mechanical properties. All the world's casting aluminum alloy wheel hubs are produced by this kind of alloy.A6061 aluminum alloy wheel hub was developed by southwest aluminum processing plant in cooperation with Japanese light metal zhusihui.

Aluminum wheel hub, which is widely used in automobiles, is an example of aluminum alloy used in automobiles. Almost all new models adopt aluminum wheel hub.