How and why 1100 aluminum tread plate is used for decoration?

Aluminium checker plate /sheet is also referred to as aluminum tread plate or aluminum checkered plate. No matter what name is, it stands for aluminium plate (thick) or aluminium sheet (thin) with various patterns. The most frequently applied patterns are one bar, five bars, triple grain and diamond, among which one-bar pattern can be arranged into different pattern groups. For example, the bars may be parallel with each other on the surface of a whole sheet, or one bar of a pattern group may from a right angle with the other. Different pattern groups create varied decorative effects.

1100 decoration aluminum tread plate

Although 1100 aluminium checker plate was firstly used in anti-skid area, it’s also widely applied in wall cladding for decoration and protection,it serves as an excellent material for wall decoration. Though few walls at home are covered with 1100 decoration aluminum tread plate because it creates a formal and tidy atmosphere which does not match the word “cozy” (typical word describing home), this does not narrow down the sheet’s application scope at all. You can spot it in so many public places. Hotel walls covered with aluminum checkered plates give a sense of luxury and cleanness. Aluminum walls in KTV rooms reflect lights from the screen, creating a platform-like atmosphere. Fitness centers have five-bar aluminum tread plates decorate the walls. In addition to decoration, the plate also functions as a protector of walls. It isolates moisture and stains from the wall. It’s so convenient to clean the panels that the walls are always new and bright.

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