Real function of aluminum foil for automotive sound insulation cotton

Hood insulation foam is also called engine insulation foam or heat insulation foam, as the name implies, this auto gadget has the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation. In terms of current models on the market, generally intermediate cars and above are equipped with the following compact models, joint venture models are assembled less, while independent brands are much more generous, basically giving people the feeling that the material is very thick, look more sophisticated. This piece of sound insulation cotton in the domestic model test accounted for a very heavy proportion, even without the sound insulation cotton models can be described as "reduced", then the hood sound insulation cotton is really useful?

aluminum foil for automotive insulation

When you buy a new car, most people still choose to add some accessories or decorations to the car, such as under-engine guards, rain shields or sound insulation cotton, generally speaking, the original factory with sound insulation cotton models, sound insulation cotton materials are relatively thick, and the use of snap fastening method, looks very neat and beautiful, and later retrofitted sound insulation cotton and special plastic flocking + high-temperature flame retardant materials and sound insulation cotton and There are plastic flocking + high temperature resistant flame retardant material and aluminum foil for automotive insulation that is freely cut. The car-specific ones are mostly fixed by means of clips, because manufacturers usually reserve the clips on the hood and the size fits, while the free-cut aluminum foil acoustic foam requires some more effort to install.

Regardless of which type of acoustic foam is installed, it is certain that sound insulation and noise reduction in cars is a systematic project, and this piece of foam alone will obviously not do much. From the sound insulation effect measured in the media, there is no obvious difference whether there is sound insulation cotton or not. Therefore, if you are simply for sound insulation and noise reduction, it is more appropriate to do a whole car sound insulation, because a piece of sound insulation cotton really does not play any role.

Since there is no role for sound insulation, it is called sound insulation cotton of course to some less competent, but this small accessories in addition to sound insulation, really has a very good protection role.

First of all, the role of this protective cotton for temperature insulation is still quite obvious, in other words, because the existence of thermal insulation cotton, to a certain extent, can protect the surface of the engine hatch paint rapid aging. As we all know, after long distance driving, the temperature in the engine compartment is very high, and the long-term high temperature baking will make the paint on the surface of the hood rapidly aging and cracking, so the paint of some old cars are aging and losing luster from the surface of the hood, while the paint of other locations is relatively good. Generally speaking, after driving for a period of time, the surface temperature of the engine hatch with protective cotton is at least 10℃ lower than that of the hatch without protective surface. Therefore, the first benefit of thermal insulation cotton, is to effectively protect the hatch surface paint.

Secondly, the insulation foam can protect the cabin temperature from rapid loss, this is especially obvious in winter, with insulation foam, even in cold weather, the cabin temperature will not plummet, thus reducing the damage caused to the engine when restarted within a short period of time. About this point can actually be associated with the popular automatic engine start-stop technology, some people will question, frequent start-stop is not more fuel-efficient, more damage to the engine? In fact, not, after the engine to maintain a certain working temperature, frequent start-stop does not cause additional damage, because the oil circulation cooling system began to work, start-stop caused by the engine burden is actually very small, so the automatic start-stop is not as we think, start instantly more fuel-efficient argument is only applicable to cold car start. Since this is said, also give you a suggestion, after the cold start to temporarily turn off the auto start-stop function, to be driven for a period of time, the water temperature rises and then turn on the auto start-stop.

Finally, there are many people will doubt, after the installation of insulation foam will not be because of the cabin temperature can not be distributed and the risk of spontaneous combustion or engine damage? In fact, there is no need to worry about this point, first of all, qualified sound insulation foam must be flame retardant, unless you buy counterfeit products, and then, the engine cooling is mainly achieved through the cooling system, if you find that the water temperature rises, it is absolutely the cooling system problems, not the fault of the insulation foam. The reason is very simple, selling popsicles on the street does not cause melting because of the bed quilt on the popsicle, on the contrary, the quilt can keep the low temperature very well. Therefore, the role of insulation cotton is only to isolate the temperature, and does not make the temperature rise.

To sum up, sound insulation cotton really works is not sound insulation and noise reduction function, but thermal insulation and heat preservation function, which can play an obvious role in protecting the car paint and engine. If your car does not have sound insulation cotton, you may want to add a piece, because I think this piece of protection cotton is still quite practical.