The advantages of checkered plates

The advantages of aluminum checkered plates

As a common non-slip sheet, patterned aluminum sheet has the following advantages:

First, the performance of the patterned aluminum plate is more excellent. The patterned aluminum plate has high hardness, strong mechanical resistance and strong corrosion resistance, and the patterned aluminum plate is easier to process and its appearance is much more beautiful than other non-slip materials.

Secondly, the patterned aluminum plate has a longer life. One of the great advantages of aluminum is that it is resistant to corrosion and does not rust. In the humid and dark environment, the advantage of patterned aluminum plate can greatly extend the service life.

Third, the value retention of aluminum plates far exceeds other materials. The price of one ton of scrap aluminum can be sold at about 80% of the price of aluminum ingots. Once other materials, scrap iron, steel, and stainless steel are scrapped, their value is often not saved.