The production process of aluminum circles

Aluminum circle products include: 1050 aluminum circle, 1060 aluminum circle, 1070 aluminum circle, 1100 aluminum circle, 1200, 3003, 3004 aluminum circle.

1. Preparation of master alloy
2. Melting furnace: put the alloy into the melting furnace
3. Casting aluminum ingot: as mother ingot
4. Grinding aluminum ingot: make its surface and sides smooth
5. Heating the furnnace
6. Hot rolling mill: making mother coils
7. Cold rolling mill: the mother coil is rolled according to the thickness you want
8. Punching process: become the size you want
9. Annealing Furnace: Change Temper
10. Final inspection
11. Packing: wooden case or wooden pallet
12. Delivery