The role of pattern in aluminum alloy tread plate

Aluminum alloy tread plate processing above why with pattern, many people also have some questions about this aspect. Then to help people better understand this aspect of knowledge, the following for the product with pattern above the reason to make a simple introduction, hope that the need for people can bring relevant help.

aluminum alloy tread plate

Anti-slip: patterned aluminum plate above the pattern first play a role of anti-slip, generally in the bus or easy to slip areas will use this with patterned aluminum plate, it has a good anti-slip function. So from the point of view of anti-slip, the aluminum plate with pattern will have good performance in this aspect, and is one of the reasons why people are widely used.

Aesthetics: patterned aluminum plate has good performance in addition to anti-slip, and at the same time can reflect a better role in aesthetics. Of course, these roles are not all the roles that the aluminum plate has, it is better compared with the general aluminum plate in the corrosion prevention, the use of more obvious effect. So from this aspect, beauty is the second role.

Because it has good advantages in these aspects, but also in the corrosion prevention and elasticity have better use effect, so love many fields are widely used.