Three tips to check the quality of aluminum mirror sheet

In markets, the quality of mirror sheet is quite different. It is important to know how to check the quality. Here we share with you three tips.
First, the surface quality of the product
1. The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is not allowed to have cracks, corrosion, cracks, and the surface of the plate with a thickness greater than 0.6 mm is not allowed to have diffused spots;
2. The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is allowed to have slight scratches, metal and non-metal indentations, insertion, scratches, roll marks, pine dendrites and emulsion marks. However, the depth of various defects must not exceed The thickness of the sheet allows for negative deviations and guarantees a minimum thickness; mirrored aluminum strips.
3, mirror surface aluminum plate per square meter of sheet surface, the total area of bubbles should not exceed 100 mm2;
4. The mirror aluminum plate process is coated with aluminum sheet, allowing bare parts and surface bubbles with or without coating;
5. The defects of the mirror aluminum sheet are allowed to be inspected by 400 sandpaper. The grinding depth should not exceed the thickness tolerance; the edge of the plate should be cut and burr-free.
Three tips to check the quality of aluminum mirror sheetSecond, the internal quality of the mirror plate
Central delimitation and cracking are not allowed;
The reflective rate of the mirror aluminum plate must be strictly combined according to the quality inspection report, and meet the requirements of the corresponding tests, parameters and content of the GB standard.

Henan Huawei Aluminum professional aluminum coil manufacturer, the mirror aluminum plate produced by the company is clean and tidy, no greasy phenomenon, the reflective rate reaches 85-90%, in line with the national corresponding standards, each batch of mirror aluminum plates manufactured by the factory has been strictly inspected by the quality inspection department. Inspection, rejection, and safe delivery. The reeling and closing are adopted on the mirror aluminum plate packaging. Carton packaging, wooden pallets are stable, suitable for export and other needs.
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