What's the performance requirements of battery aluminum foil?

Battery aluminum foil is mainly used as the collector of lithium-ion battery and the collector of current. The common pure aluminum foil of lithium battery has alloy brands such as 1060, 1050, 1145 and 1235, with the state of O, h14, h18, H24 and H22, and the thickness range is 10-50 microns. Aluminum foil for battery has many excellent characteristics, and its use is increasing year by year.

battery aluminum foil

What are the requirements for aluminum foil for battery foil?

Battery foil has extremely strict requirements for aluminum foil substrate. At present, the general battery foil products generally require strength ≥ 180MPa and pure aluminum alloy.

  1.  In terms of quality, the surface color of aluminum foil shall be uniform, clean, flat plate shape, no color difference, and no obvious roll marks, pits, pinholes and corrosion traces; No creases, spots, bright lines and other rolling defects; No oil, no serious oil smell, no oil spots visible to the naked eye.
  2. In terms of appearance, the winding tightness of aluminum foil coil shall be appropriate, the end face shall be flat and clean, and the edge shall be smooth; Staggered layer shall not exceed ± 1.0mm; The width of aluminum foil coiled tube core is greater than or equal to the foil width. Generally, the length of two ends of the tube core does not exceed the foil width by 5mm; The aluminum foil shall be wound in the center of the tube core; There are clear joint marks at the two ends of the aluminum coil.