which is more expensive? aluminum plate or stainless steel plate?

Industrial development era, is the revolution of the machine, but no matter what can not be done without stainless steel and aluminum plate.Both are widely used in aerospace, shipping, and other industries.Not classics somebody compares, since the range that USES is same and extensive, so which is more expensive of these two board?

Compare aluminum plate and stainless steel plate which is more expensive, in fact, it is very easy to directly see the performance, the performance of a good natural price.From aluminium plate, aluminium material is a kind of environmental protection, do not fade, the metal with high price, besides industrial path also often is used to decorate go up, environmental protection sex is better than general copper makes things that defend bath even, do not have oxidation sex to still be better than stainless steel.At the same time, aluminum plate also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance.