Why do buildings favor aluminum curtain wall sheet so much?

Curtain wall is the external wall suspended on the main structure in the form of plate. It does not bear the load, but it should bear the wind load, and transmit the self weight and wind load to the main structure through connectors. In recent years, aluminum curtain wall is more and more used in architecture. Its appearance not only enriches the artistic expression of curtain wall, but also improves the performance of curtain wall.

aluminum curtain wall sheet

What are the advantages of aluminum curtain wall sheet?

1. Due to the small density, light weight and high strength of aluminum plate, aluminum plate curtain wall also has these advantages.

2. The aluminum plate curtain wall adopts fluorocarbon spraying treatment, which improves its performance of anti-oxidation, acid rain resistance and ultraviolet resistance. In addition, it can resist wind and earthquake, and will not fade and pulverize for a long time, so as to ensure the lasting freshness of the external surface of the building.

3. The dry hanging aluminum plate has a certain spacing layer between the dry hanging and the wall, which can effectively reduce the wall temperature, realize energy conservation and environmental protection, and avoid water seepage of the aluminum plate curtain wall.

4. Aluminum plate is easy to bend, press and form, and processed into complex shapes, which reduces the processing difficulty.

5. Aluminum curtain wall enriches the expressiveness of curtain wall, highlights the fashion characteristics and improves the style of urban architecture.