1060 tabla de aluminiu

1060 placă din tablă de aluminiu pur

Introducere a 1060 Placa din tabla de aluminiu 1060 placa din tabla de aluminiu apartine 1000 tabla de aluminiu de serie, care este destul de asemănător cu 1050 aliaj de aluminiu cu mai mult de 0.1% de aluminiu în greutate. Ambii 1050 și 1060 tabla de aluminiu Huawei AL, se ridică la standardele ISO, dar acopera diferite standarde ASTM. 1060 aliajul de aluminiu contine 0.05% coop ...

1100 aluminiu

1100 aluminiu pur

1100 metalul căruia îi aparține aluminiul pur 1000 series metal pure aluminum, which is industrial pure aluminum, cu 99.00% continut de aluminiu (fractiune in masa), its strength is relatively low, with excellent ductility, formabilitatea, weldability and corrosion resistance; anodizing can further improve corrosion resistance, while obtaining a beautiful surface; but not heat

6082 tabla de aluminiu

6082 placa din tabla de aluminiu aliat

6082 Aluminum Sheet Purchase Guide About 6082 aluminum sheet What is 6082 tabla de aluminiu? 6082 aliaj de metal tablă de aluminiu îi aparține 6000 tabla de aluminiu de serie, which is a medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Aliaj de aluminiu 6082 has the highest strength of the 6000 aliaj de aluminiu de serie. Due to the higher strength of Alloy 608

5005 bobina de aluminiu

5005 bobina de aluminiu din aliaje metalice

Ce este a 5005 bobina de aluminiu? Aliaj de aluminiu 5005 is a medium strength alloy with very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and very good weldability that is highly suitable for decorative anodizing. 5005 aluminum coil Parameters of 5005 aluminum coils Equivalent name a5005 aluminum coil, 5005a aluminum coil, aa5005 aluminum coil, 5005aa alumi

anodized aluminum foil

Folie de aluminiu anodizat

What is Anodized aluminum foil? Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called anodizing because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrolytic cell. Anodising increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides bette

3105 bobina de aluminiu din aliaje metalice

3105 aluminum coil description: 3105 bobina de aluminiu cu 98% aluminiu pur și adaosuri ușoare de aliaj pentru rezistență. 0.3% of copper is added to the 3105 bobina de aluminiu, deci conductivitatea se dovedește a fi 41%. Pentru conținutul său și tehnologiile de prelucrare, cel 3105 aluminum coil is light in weight and has a semi-smooth surface. in afara de asta, it is not hardened by he

aluminum mirror sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet plate for tank

A brief introduction to mirror aluminum Mirror aluminum is produced by surface treatment and grinding of various types of alloy aluminum plates. Mirror aluminum plates are widely used. It is widely used in lighting lamps reflectors and lamp decoration, solar heat collecting and reflective materials, interior building decoration, decorarea peretelui exterior, ho

5bobina din aluminiu seria xxx

5000 bobina de aluminiu din aliaj de metal de serie

5000 bobina din aliaj de aluminiu de serie 5000 series alloy metal aluminum coil is a commonly used industrial material, este rola de tablă din aliaj de aluminiu-magneziu, conținutul său de magneziu este în jur 3-5%, principalele caracteristici sunt densitatea scăzută, rezistență mare la tracțiune, alungire mare, utilizat pe scară largă în industria convențională. Producția actuală a Chinei de 5 aluminiu de serie

printed aluminium foil

Requirements for pre printing design First: when printing on aluminum foil with ordinary ink, the color on the impression shows non-metallic or metallic luster. Natural (argint) folie de aluminiu + transparent yellow ink in gold. Printing in the form of a negative plate, not only can you get the metallic luster of the picture and text, but also ca

folie de aluminiu hidrofila

folie de aluminiu hidrofila pentru aer conditionat

Huawei aluminiu: Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Foil Manufacturing Processes Base material for producing air conditioning foil and other products. Folia de aer condiționat este un material special pentru fabricarea aripioarelor schimbătoarelor de căldură pentru aparatele de aer condiționat. Folia de aer condiționat folosită la început a fost folie simplă. In order to improve the surface p

bandă de aluminiu personalizată

Bandă de aluminiu cu grosime personalizată

Custom thickness aluminum strip What is a good thickness for aluminum? The raw material of the aluminum strip is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast rolled aluminum coil, hot rolled aluminum coil, rolled by cold rolling machine into different thickness and width of thin aluminum coil, and then according to the use, longitudinally slit by slitting machine

Aluminum Sheet Plate For Machinery

Aluminum sheet plate for machinery

Application of industrial aluminum plate in machinery manufacturing Aluminum has a low melting point and good casting performance. The mechanical properties of aluminum have a lot to do with its purity. Industrial aluminum plates have low strength, but aluminum alloys composed of aluminum and certain alloying elements not only maintain the inherent chara

aluminum foil label

folie de aluminiu pentru etichetă

Descoperirea Magiei: The Production of Jumbo Rolls of Aluminum Foil Parameters of aluminum foil for label Alloys: 8011 etc Tempers: moale SAU (h0) etc laminated foil paper bright silver foil matte silver foil matte gold foil semigloss elite fascover beer aluminum foil label aluminum foil beer label

The basic info of aluminum

Today let’s talk about some info of aluminum. Aluminum is a light metal, and its compounds are widely distributed in nature, second only to oxygen and silicon. Among the metal varieties, second only to steel, it is the second largest category of metal. Aluminum has good electrical conductivity and ductility, and its application range is very wide, involving

What are the reasons for the common quality problems of aluminum coil and aluminum plate?

Various quality problems will appear in the production process of aluminum sheet metal and aluminum sheet roll. What are the reasons for the quality problems? Here is a brief introduction: 1. Non metallic press in Main reasons: the equipment conditions of the rolling process are not clean; rolling process lubricant is not quiet; insufficient injection


The alloy you choose for your aluminum sheet naturally depends on your application. 5005 Aluminum sheet is often used when the material will be anodized and deployed in an architectural application like flashings, sills, curtain walls etc. Architects often specify 5005 alloy for anodized aluminum architectural metalwork.   The importance of using

5754 aluminum sheet for trailers

The international standard width of aluminum plates is 1000mm, 1200mm, 1220mm. We usually define a aluminum plate with the width of over 1500m as an ultra-wide aluminum plate for trailers. We can produce the super wide aluminum plate from 1500mm to 2650mm. As a famous 5754 aluminum sheet manufacturers for trailers, huawei produces high quality super wide

Ce stii despre 5754 placa de rulare din aluminiu?

Aluminium tread plate is also commonly referred to as either checker plate, or check plate and gets its name from the distinctive 5 raised bars that give it non slip properties. Five bar tread plate is an extremely versatile product because of its special features. The pattern makes it ideal for applications that require a slip resistant surface and because

aluminum alloy aa7075 sheet

What are the advantages of aluminum alloy aa7075 sheet?

Aluminum alloy aa7075 sheet is a cold treatment forging alloy, putere mare, high hardness, far better than soft steel. 7075 aluminum plate is one of the commercial power alloy, ordinary corrosion resistance, proprietăți mecanice bune și reacție anodică. Fine grains make depth drilling performance better, tool wear resistance enhanced, thread rolling more

What is the production process of 3003 aluminum sheet hot rolling mill?

The production process of 3003 aluminum sheet hot rolling mill requires the ingot to be heated up and rolled by hot rolling mill under high temperature conditions. 3003 hot rolled aluminum sheet has the advantages of good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and ductility, good oxidation effect, and is commonly used for making power battery shell, A

Aluminum Foil, a Better Insulator Than Cotton and Paper

Adding insulation to your home is an easy way to save on energy costs. Folie de aluminiu, also called tin foil, makes an excellent insulator, and in some situations, it works better than materials like cotton or paper. Aluminum foil is not best for every situation, though, so using it correctly is an important part of saving energy. Benefits Because aluminum f

cercuri de aluminiu 1050 h12

Morocco customers placed another order for 20 tons aluminum circles 1050 h12

Order details Product name: cercuri de aluminiu 1050 h12 Alloy and temper: 1050 h12 Size Diameter x thickness ( mm ) 340 X 0.6 360 X 0.6 400 X 0.6 340 X 0.7 400 X 0.8 450 X 0.8 550 X 0.8 500 X 0.8

3003 h22 aluminum bright diamond tread plate

Ce stii despre 3003 h22 aluminum bright diamond tread plate?

The versatile application possibilities of 3003 h22 aluminum bright diamond tread plate make it an ideal material which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its excellent characteristics. Other names for used aluminium checker plate are diamond plate, tread plate or checkered plate. în plus, 3003 Aluminum is alloyed with 1.20% mangan, w

aluminum foil shipping

One Client From Gabon Has Ordered 73 tons industrial aluminum foil roll has been sent by Sea

With the vigorous development of the automobile industry and the increasing rate of aluminumization of automobiles, the market demand for foil for automobiles is rapidly increasing. There are two kinds of foil for automobiles, one is the composite foil for automobile air conditioners, China's automobile air conditioners have been fully aluminumized, si