Extra wide aluminum foil

What Is Aluminum Foil? Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is widely used in food, beverage, cigarette,dori, photographic substrate, household articles, va boshqalar., the aluminum foil is usually used as its packaging material. Aluminum foil is a soft metal with moisture-proof, airtight, shading, toksik bo'lmagan, tasteless and high plasticit ...

aluminium coil for channel letter

Aluminium Coil For Channel Letter Specifications Aluminium Coil For Channel Letter Specifications Al alloy type 1000 3000 5000 6000 8000 series Surface treatment Coated Grade Aluminum Tolerance ±1% Size 0.040 x 5.3” x 270',0.040 x 4.3” x 270',0.063 x 1.5" x 500' Thickness 0.6 mm & 0.8 mm Width 60 , 88 &

pure aluminum foil

1000 series pure aluminum foil

Tailored Solutions for Customized Aluminum Foil Rolls: A Manufacturer's Perspective 1. nima bu 1000 Series Aluminum Foil 1000 series pure aluminum foil belongs to 1000 seriyali toza alyuminiy, the aluminum content of the 1xxx series aluminum alloy is not less than 99.0%, also known as a pure aluminum series. Tozaligiga qarab, it can be divided int

doira alyuminiy

5000 seriyali qotishma alyuminiy doira

Our factory of aluminium disc circle  Parameters of 5xxx series aluminium discs Alloy:5052,5083,5005,5454,5754 Jahl:H12,H14,H16,H32,H34,H111,H112,HO Thickness:0.5-12mm Diameter:50-1200mm Standard produce:IN,U,GBT,ASTM Mother coil:DC,CC Delivery:Within 30 days after received your deposit Technique: DC grade, CC grade 500

0.75 alyuminiy qatlam

0.75 alyuminiy qatlam 0.75 alyuminiy qatlam degan ma'noni anglatadi 0.75 dyuym qalinligi alyuminiy qatlam,mm ga aylantirilgan 19 mm. 0.75 alyuminiy qatlam Umumiy qotishma holatlari 1050 qotishma,1060 qotishma,1100 qotishma,3003 qotishma,3103 qotishma,5005 qotishma,5052 qotishma,5083 qotishma,5754 qotishma,6061 qotishma va boshqalar,Turli qotishma holatlaridagi alyuminiy plitalar turli xil ta'sirga ega. 0.75 al

Aluminum sheet for base plate

What is aluminum base plate? Aluminum base plate is a kind of aluminum plate that is cut and punched according to the needs of production. Common aluminum base plates have 3 holes, 4 holes, 5 holes, va boshqalar., and some complex equipment has more holes. [galereya ustunlari ="2" hajmi="to'la" id ="2194,2195"] Aluminum sheet for base plate Aluminum base plate si

metal pure aluminum tread plate

1000 series aluminum tread plate

1XXX series aluminum tread plate suppliers The major series of this series aluminum tread plate provided by Huawei includes 1050, 1060, va 1070 seriya. 1000 Aluminum Tread Plate is mainly made from alloy 1050, 1060, va 1070. The purity of aluminum is more than 99.0%. It has patterns such as 1 bar, 3 barlar, 5 barlar, diamonds. 1000 Aluminum Tread Plate has

6061 t6 aluminum sheet

6061 T6 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate

Ⅰ: 6061 T6 aluminum sheet introduction Ⅰ-a: 6061 t6 Aluminum Sheet characteristics The 6061-T6 Aluminum sheet has a tensile strength range of 20-42 KSI and conforms to AMS QQ-A-250/11 and ASTM B209 Excellent joining characteristics, good acceptance of applied coatings. Combines relatively high strength, good workability, and high resistance to corrosion; w

bo'rttirma alyuminiy varaq

Naqshli alyuminiy plastinka

Embossed aluminium plate detailed introduction What is Embossed aluminium plate? Naqshli alyuminiy plastinka, alyuminiy bo'rttirma plastinka sifatida ham tanilgan, alyuminiy plastinka asosida qurilgan, alyuminiy mahsulotlarining turli naqshlarini shakllantirish yuzasida, qadoqlashda keng qo'llaniladi, qurilish, parda devori va boshqa jihatlar. Naqshli alyuminiy plastinka

aluminum sheet plate for ceiling

aluminum sheet plate for ceiling

Advantages of aluminum ceiling 1. It has a good performance of plate coating, its inner coating material is not easy to be natural corrosion. It can live for 20 years even when exposed to wind and rain outside. This is just a necessary element of the billboard. Xuddi shunday, it can live with the house during its time at home aluminum sheet plate for ceili

pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil for pharma packaging

Alyuminiy folga jumbo rulonlari: A Powerhouse in the Packaging Industry Pharmaceutical aluminum foil has the advantages of, korroziyaga qarshilik, impermeability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance and high temperature. It is mainly used for blister packaging of drug capsules and tablets and bag packaging of powder particles and water agen

5083 alyuminiy plita sotiladi

5083 qotishma metall alyuminiy plastinka plitasi

5083 Alyuminiy varaq bilan tanishtirish 5083 alyuminiy qatlam Al-Mg-Si ga tegishli 5000 seriyali alyuminiy qotishmalari. Uning asosiy tarkibi alyuminiydan tashqari magniy va kremniydir. Ustida 4.0% magniyga imkon beradi 5083 alyuminiy qotishmasi tuzatishga mukammal qarshilikka ega va payvandlash oson. Mis qo'shish orqali, the 5083 alyuminiy qatlam mavjud 28% Elektr o'tkazuvchanligi.

3105 alyuminiy

3105 metall alyuminiy qotishmasi

Mahsulot turiga ko'ra, ga ajratish mumkin 3105 qotishma metall alyuminiy plastinka plitasi 3105 qotishma metall alyuminiy lasan 3105 qotishma metall alyuminiy lenta 3105 alloy metal aluminum circle 3105 metal aluminum alloy belongs to AL-Mn 3000 seriyali metall alyuminiy qotishmasi. It has good rust resistance and good electrical conductivity. The aluminum con

aluminum blank discs

Yangi buyurtma 10 tonna alyuminiy bo'sh disklar Jazoirga eksport qilinadi

Avgustda 24 2021, ning yangi tartibi 10 tons of aluminum blank discs were signed by the international trade department of our company, the customer is from Algeria. Order details Country: Algeria Port of receipt: Algiers Product: aluminum blank discs Quantity: 10 tons Customs Code ( HS kodi ): 7606910000 Price: (refer to the real-time alumi

Qanday ilovalar mavjud 1100 seriyali alyuminiy plastinka?

There are a slew number of applications of aluminium 1100 varaqlar. Nevertheless, we will try to keep everything under scrutiny and list it out so that it will be easier for you to acknowledge its application and stuff. Shuning uchun, here it goes. One primary at major application of 1100 h14 aluminium is welding. Shuning uchun, putting aluminium 1100 to welding

metal aluminum sheet 5083

Is metal aluminum sheet 5083 with the highest magnesium content

The main element of aluminum alloy is aluminum, and then mixed with a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials to strengthen its hardness. Aluminum alloy with Mg as the main added element is also called rust-proof aluminum alloy because of its good corrosion resistance. Because it is a metal itself, its thermal conductivity and strength are particu

Alyuminiydan qanday mahsulotlar ishlab chiqariladi 1100?

There would be no end if you were to count the products made from 1100 series aluminum plate. It is because so many products are presently manufactured in the factories made from aluminium 1100. Biroq, to name a few, we have listed it out so that you can get a basic idea about it. It can be formed into a wide range of items or big machinery. It in

Introduction of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Introduction Aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy, and its commonly used thicknesses are 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm.Its structure is mainly composed of panels, stiffeners and corner codes.Corner code can be directly from the panel bending, stamping molding, also can be riveted on the s

manufacturer aluminum circle

What is the process of producing manufacturer aluminum circle?

When it comes to the process of producing, aluminum circle is usually directly cutting from aluminum coil or the aluminum plate, usually, if the thickness of aluminum circle is less than 3.0 mm, the form of piercing blank feeding directly will be applied. If the thickness of aluminum circle is between 3.0 mm and 100 mm, according to the precision demands, al

Aluminum coil alloy temper

Aluminum coil alloy temper H1 pure work hardening condition suitable for obtaining the desired strength by work hardening without additional heat treatment H2 working hardening and incomplete annealing; Applicable to work hardening degree beyond the requirements of the finished product, after incomplete annealing, so that the strength of the specified

Do you know what is the 2014 alyuminiy qatlam?

The element copper is added to 2014 alyuminiy qotishmasi. As it is called hard molybdenum, it has high strengthgood shavings and processing properties. 2014 aluminum sheet is usually used in some occasions with high strength and hardness (including heat). Masalan, heavy forgings, plate and extrusion materials are used for aircraft structures, the first st

Material properties and structure of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy has low density, but relatively high strength, which is close to or exceeds high-quality steel. It has good plasticity and can be processed into various profiles. It has excellent electrical conductivity, issiqlik o'tkazuvchanligi va korroziyaga chidamliligi. It is widely used in industry, and its usage is second only to steel. . Some aluminum alloys

alyuminiy qatlam 5052 o

Ishlash xususiyatlari qanday 5052 o aluminum sheet?

Performance characteristics of 5052 o aluminum sheet 5052 aluminum plate is a brand widely used in 5-series aluminum magnesium alloy, which is divided into o state and H state. 5052 aluminum plate is commonly used in o state, H12, h18, H24, H32, H34 and other states. 5052-o aluminum plate refers to the product after annealing. Compared with other states,

Is aluminum foil packaging food harmful to health?

Aluminum foil is widely used in the food packaging industry, after all, the packaging is for food. 1. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity, aluminum foil is commonly used in food packaging. 2. Finished aluminum foil processed from aluminum coils is often used in the food industry, professionally used in the kitchen for cooking and carryin