food aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for food

Specifications of food grade aluminum foil Equivalent name aluminum paper roll, aluminum film coil, etc Alloys(1000 seriya,3000 seriya,8000 seriya) 1050,1060,1100,1235/3003,3004/8006,8011,8021,8079 aluminum foil temper O、H14、H16、H18、H19H24 etc. Color gold, kumush, colored, etc Thickness 0.006-0.20 mm,40 mikron, et ...

Cold rolled aluminum disc circle

Cold rolled aluminium circle

Our factory of Aluminium circle  What is cold rolled aluminium disc circle Cold-rolled aluminum disc circles are made by cutting aluminum coils with a cold rolling mill.Common cold-rolled circle alloys include A1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 5052, va boshqalar., which have good workability and corrosion resistance. Cold rolled aluminum disc circle Cold ro

aluminum mirror sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet plate for tank

A brief introduction to mirror aluminum Mirror aluminum is produced by surface treatment and grinding of various types of alloy aluminum plates. Mirror aluminum plates are widely used. It is widely used in lighting lamps reflectors and lamp decoration, solar heat collecting and reflective materials, interior building decoration, exterior wall decoration, ho

aluminum chequered plate

6000 series alloy metal aluminum tread plate

Nima bu 6000 series alloy tread aluminum plate The representative series of this series aluminum tread plate is 6061 seriya. The main ingredient of this series aluminum tread plate includes magnesium and silicium elements. Natijada, it has the features of both 4000 va 5000 seriya. 6000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate-6005/6061/6082 5-bar Aluminum Tread Pl

8011 alloy metal aluminum strip

Know more about aluminum strip 8011 What is a 8011 alyuminiy tasma? 8011 aluminum strip is the product of aluminum coil and aluminum plate after slitting by slitting machine. It is mainly reflected in the width. Usually the width of aluminum strip does not exceed 800mm. The product is widely used in hardware and electrical appliances, lighting manufacturing

1060 alyuminiy doira

1060 aluminium disc circle

Our factory of aluminium disc circle  1060 aluminium disc circle for sale With high quality and reasonable price, huawei aluminum has become a famous aluminium circle supplier in India, UAE, Tailand, Indoneziya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Angola, Morocco, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Panama , the United Kingdom and other countries. 1060 alum

alyuminiy 7075

7075 metall alyuminiy qotishmasi

Mahsulot turiga ko'ra, ga ajratish mumkin 7075 qotishma metall alyuminiy plastinka plitasi 7075 qotishma metall alyuminiy lasan 7075 aluminum plate is the best strength of aluminum alloy, widely used in a variety of manufacturing industries, the market demand is very strong. It is an alloy in terms of material, mainly aluminum, including zinc, lead, ma

qalinligi alyuminiy qatlam

Maxsus qalinlikdagi alyuminiy qatlam

standard aluminum sheet thickness Aluminum sheet refers to aluminum materials with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 63mm, kengligi 200 mm dan ortiq va uzunligi 16 m dan kam(albatta, katta jihozlarning rivojlanishi bilan, maksimal kengligi 600 mm bo'lgan ko'proq alyuminiy plitalar mavjud).Qalinligi 0,2 mm dan kam bo'lsa , va kengligi

electronic aluminum sheet

elektron uchun alyuminiy plitalar plitasi

Electronic advantage of aluminum High strength, excellent machining performance, good heat dissipation performance. thin aluminum sheets for crafts Aluminum alloy has good conductivity and processability is an excellent heat dissipation material, suitable for high-power transformer, regulated power supply, communication power supply, purification powe

alyuminiy qotishmasi

Metal aluminum alloys

What are metal aluminum alloys? Aluminum is one of the light metal materials with a certain amount of other alloying elements added. In addition to the general characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloys have some specific characteristics of alloys due to the different types and amounts of alloying elements added. The density of aluminum alloy is 2.63~2

6000 seriyali qotishma oyna alyuminiy

6000 Series Alloy Mirror Aluminum Aluminum alloys are created when aluminum is mixed with other elements such as silicon or magnesium and other elements. Using alloys has many advantages over pure metals because alloys allow us to extract the properties we want and discard the properties we don't. Aluminum is great on its own, but by incorporating other ele

coated embossed aluminum coil

Color coated embossed aluminum coil

Coated embossed aluminum coil Coated embossed aluminum coils are widely used in refrigerators, ice-boxes, sovuq saqlash, muzlatgich, decorations, va boshqalar. Normally we coat PE, PVDF, or other paint according to customers’ requirements on surface of base coils. Specification of our stucco embossed and color coated aluminium coils: thickness 0.2-0.6mm, width less t

black aluminum strips

what is aluminum strips? The raw material of aluminum strip is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil, rolled into thin aluminum coil of different thickness and width by cold rolling machine, and then cut into aluminum strip of different width. How is the black aluminum strip made? Aluminum profiles in the

Can 1 mm aluminum sheet be bent?

Can 1 mm aluminum sheet be bent?   Birinchidan, the temper is the most important. The temper of the aluminum sheet is divided into full hard, semi-hard, and soft tempers (usually the soft temper is called the O temper). The hard bending effect is basically impossible (the temper of the aluminum sheet is H18, H19, H38, va boshqalar. are all hard) The semi-r

ptp blister aluminum foil

The truth behind medicine packaging - ptp blister aluminum foil

Everyone needs to take medicine when they are sick. Have you ever noticed what kind of package they come in? As we'll see, the vast majority of them seem to be made out of aluminum foil. So why use aluminum foil instead of plastic? This is related to the characteristics of aluminum foil. Alyuminiy folga: High molecular density;Can insulate vapor,

5A06 aluminum alloy composition and mechanical properties

The main chemical composition indicators of 5A06 aluminum plate are shown in the table below Chemical composition (mass fraction)/% Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Zr Others AL Single Total 0.40 0.40 0.10 0.50~0.80 5.8~6.8 - - 0.20 0.02-0.10 - 0.05 0.10 Remain The mechanical properties of 5A06 aluminum plate

What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price?

What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price? The 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price is much higher than that of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum mirror sheet pieces, for 2xxx aluminium sheets are far more expensive than common plates. 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum mirror sheet of 2xxx aluminium alloy whose surface is c

aluminum alloy plate 5052

The main application of aluminum alloy plate 5052

Aluminum alloy plate 5052 is a kind of aluminum plate with AL&Mg, Mg is the main alloying element in the 5052 alyuminiy plastinka. There are also little some other element such as Mn, Cr, Ti and so on. Generally the thickness of 5052 aluminum plate is 0.15~50mm, the width 100~2000mm, length 1000~9000mm. The application of 5052 aluminum plate is wide, es

Quality needs of aluminium sheet used for presensitized plate

Quality needs of aluminium sheet used for presensitized plate PS version of the basic situation of aluminum plate PS version of aluminum plate base is the choice of high quality aluminum alloy plate, plate base treatment with brush grinding plate and electrolytic grinding plate two kinds of technology.Brush grinding is a mechanical grinding p

aluminium coil for thermal insulation

Characteristics and storage precautions of aluminium coil for thermal insulation

Aluminium coil for thermal insulation is mainly divided into two series: pure aluminum coils and 3003 aluminum coils. The current thermal insulation project is more focused on the 3003 alyuminiy lasan, and the price gap with the pure aluminum coil is not very large. 3003 thermal insulation aluminum coil has better corrosion resistance. For some corrosive gas a

Test standard for coating aluminum coil base material

Test standard for coating aluminum coil base material I. technical indicators: Serial number test items test requirements 1 Supplier's test report Chemical composition, mustahkamlik chegarasi, elongation, va boshqalar. shall conform to relevant provisions of GB / t3880 2 T bend 2T does not crack and has no obvious deformation 3 Size deviatio

alyuminiy shashka plitalari

Alyuminiy shashka plitalari qanday tasniflanadi?

Alyuminiy katakcha plitalari mavjud 1, 3, 5 qotishma bo'yicha seriyali alyuminiy shashka plitalari, naqsh uslubiga ko'ra, odatda qovurg'aga bo'linishi mumkin (ko'rsatkich turi), ikki qovurg'a, uchta qovurg'a, kichik besh qovurg'a, katta besh qovurg'a va boshqalar. 1、Oddiy alyuminiy qotishma taglik plitasi: Alyuminiy qotishma naqshli plastinka tomonidan qayta ishlangan 1060 alyuminiy plastinka sifatida

alyuminiy qatlam 5052 o

Ishlash xususiyatlari qanday 5052 o aluminum sheet?

Performance characteristics of 5052 o aluminum sheet 5052 aluminum plate is a brand widely used in 5-series aluminum magnesium alloy, which is divided into o state and H state. 5052 aluminum plate is commonly used in o state, H12, h18, H24, H32, H34 and other states. 5052-o aluminum plate refers to the product after annealing. Compared with other states,

Alyuminiy folga termal muhri haqida qancha bilasiz

Aluminum foil thermal seal 1.The main uses of hot sealing aluminium foil: 1. Yogurt uchun, toza sut, muzqaymoq, pishloq, margarin, shirinliklar 2. Qattiq ovqat, gazaklar, salat, sharbat 3. Toza suv, kofe, murabbo, va boshqalar. Tuzilishi:Primer/siyoh/alyuminiy folga/issiqlik bilan yopishtiruvchi lak 1) Alyuminiy folga qalinligi odatda 30,33,35,36,38,40 mikron. 2) Termal se