0.75 aluminum sheet

0.75 aluminum sheet means 0.75 inch thickness aluminum sheet,Converted to mm is 19mm.
0.75 aluminum sheet Common alloy states are 1050 alloy,1060 alloy,1100 alloy,3003 alloy,3103 alloy,5005 alloy,5052 alloy,5083 alloy,5754 alloy,6061 alloy and so on,Aluminum sheets in different alloy states have different effects.

0.75 aluminum sheet always called

0.75 aluminum sheet0.75" aluminum sheet0.75 inch aluminum sheet
3/4 aluminum sheet3/4 inch aluminum sheet

0.75" 3003 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum alloy contains manganese as its main alloying element. 3003 aluminum sheet is an alloy with good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. It is not heat treatable and can only be strengthened by cold working. 3003 aluminum alloy has good machinability, and welding can be easily done with traditional welding methods. Typically used for chemical equipment, plumbing systems, and general sheet metal work. 3003 aluminum is commonly used for stamping and manufacturing pressure vessels, architectural hardware, garage doors, awning slats, refrigerator panels, gas lines, gas tanks, heat exchangers, drawn and spun parts, and storage tanks. All of our 3003 aluminum panels are protected on one side with a protective vinyl film.

Chemical of 0.75" aluminum sheet

SiliconIronCopperManganeseZincAluminumOther Elements (each)Other Elements (total)


Since aluminum is used in several industries, including aerospace, it is known as a general-purpose alloy. In the field of construction, 3003 aluminum alloy is used for roofs, folding panels, side panels and acoustic ceilings. Storage containers, metal products and pipes are used in the food and chemical industries.

An important application of 3003 aluminum alloy is in cooling units for heat engines, including radiators, because it is both light and thermally conductive. For heating and cooling systems, the alloy is used in air conditioner evaporators, automotive radiators and heat exchangers. Other popular applications include cookware, ice cube trays, refrigerator panels, fuel tanks and pressure vessels.

The aluminum grade of this alloy makes it an ideal material for a variety of applications. Due to the response of 3003 aluminum alloy to certain factors such as bending, heat treatment and hardening, it can be widely used.

Common end-uses for 3003 aluminum include cooking utensils, food containers, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, general sheet metal fabrication, hardware, tanks, and cabinets.

3003 aluminum applications

Typical Applications Of 3003 Aluminum

Cooking UtensilsBuilder's HardwarePressure VesselsIce Cube Trays
Eyelet StockAwning SlatsGas LinesGarage Doors
Refrigerator PanelsSheet metal stockBuilder’s hardwareChemical equipment
Trucks and trailersFuel tanksCabinets

Why 3003 aluminum plate is widely used

3003 is alloyed with 1.2% maganese to provide a tensile strength range of 17 to 30 KSI. 3003 has Excellent workability, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

The price of 3003 aluminum plate is not high, but 3003 aluminum plate has good bending, heat treatment, hardening and other properties.