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What does 5x10 aluminum diamond plate mean?

5'x 10' also called 60“x 120”,because this is an imperial measure. The single quote ' refers to the foot. 5' and 10' respectively indicate 5 foot and 10 foot, 1 foot=304.8 mm, 5'=1524 mm,10'=3048mm

5'*10' indicates the width of aluminum diamond plate × length = 5 foot × 10 foot = 1524mm × 3048mm.

aluminum diamond plate sheets

what is diamond plate sheeting?

Aluminum diamond plate sheeting also called aluminum tread plate, embossed aluminum plate, refers to the aluminum plate with pressed or depressed treads on the surface of the aluminum plate. The pattern is lenticular, rhombic, round bean, and oblate mixed. lenticular are the most common on the market.


The diamond plate sheeting  is characterized by high hardness, strong durability, easy welding, corrosion resistance, etc., and the tread plate has the advantages of beautiful appearance, anti-slip, strengthening performance, and saving steel. It is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, floor around equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields.

The thickness of the aluminum diamond plate is 0.8-7.0mm, the width ranges from 100mm to 2600mm, and the length is 500-16000mm.



 Hot selling aluminum diamond plate

Five rib pattern aluminum plate:
According to the size of the pattern can be divided into big five and small five two. The height of five rib pattern aluminum plate is 1mm, plus or minus 0.4mm. The design height of our company can reach 1 mm. The design is full and beautiful, the surface is bright, the chemical composition and mechanical properties are consistent.


Pointer pattern aluminum plate standard:
The pattern is similar to the compass, and the range of use is similar to the five-edged pattern aluminum plate, but the pointer pattern aluminum plate is more in line with people's aesthetic standards, so this pattern is often used as a raw material in international orders.

Generally speaking, the price of pointer pattern aluminum plate is higher than that of five-edge pattern aluminum plate, and the range is 500 yuan/ton. Although the processing technology of the two is the same, but because the consumption of pattern aluminum plate is small, the profit of the enterprise producing pattern aluminum plate is lower than that of five-edge pattern aluminum plate. By default, the price is higher than that. Therefore, it is suggested that users can choose five ribs without strict rules in the pattern, which can reduce the cost of materials.


Three rib pattern aluminum plate:
This series of pattern aluminum plate pays more attention to decorative effect. They are widely used in booths and fire trucks. The price is higher than other series of anti-skid aluminum plate, and the order quantity is large.

The pattern of three-sided aluminum plate is very small, each pattern is similar to the size of rice grain, so the decorative effect of this series of pattern aluminum plate is better, and the anti-slip effect needs to be strengthened.

Non-skid aluminum plate:
Non-slip aluminum plates serve as floors and pedals. Commonly used anti-skid aluminum plate can be divided into three categories: five rib pattern aluminum plate, small five rib pattern aluminum plate and pointer pattern aluminum plate.

Antiskid aluminum plate has low density and light weight. At the same time, the anti-skid aluminum plate has good rust resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for use in vehicle and ship environment. Antiskid aluminum plate has a certain decorative effect. Even if used for a long time, there is no need to worry about rust. In recent years, the consumption of workshop floor and cold storage floor has gradually increased.


Aluminum pattern plate:
Refers to the surface of the aluminum plate with various patterns of aluminum plate or aluminum coil, play different roles. The common aluminum template on the market has five rib pattern aluminum plate, pointer type non-skid aluminum plate and orange peel embossed aluminum plate, usually play the role of anti-skid heat insulation.


Parameters of diamond plate sheeting

Aluminum diamond plate sheeting material: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series can be processed, among which 1060-H114 series is the commonly used material, the pattern aluminum plate with low price, good processing performance, suitable for bending, sheet metal and other machining.

Commonly used material: 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 3A21 LF21 5052 5754 6061 6063 6082 series, the most commonly used is 1060-H114 series.

Hardness state: H114 H14 H24 H32 T6 and other states.


Processing technology of aluminium diamond plate

Production technology and process: the aluminum or aluminum billet, annealing after embossing equipment to suppress, according to the machining process can be divided into aluminum roll continuous embossing and embossing after aluminum plate kaiping, including continuous embossing pattern aluminum decorative pattern edge the batch parts of the grain is consistent, if the product need to splicing patterns suggest choose aluminium roll continuous pattern aluminum plate.