The aluminum foil for cigarette is mainly used as the inner lining paper of cigarette box after compounding with paper. The aluminum foil paper as the inner lining paper of cigarette mainly includes calendered aluminum foil paper and aluminized paper. The surface of the cigarette foil is smooth and traceless, the plate shape is flat, there are few pinholes, the cost is relatively low, and the chemical properties are relatively stable. The aluminum foil paper in the cigarette box has two main functions: one is to keep the aroma. The aluminum foil paper can prevent the cigarette flavor from emitting and prevent the cigarette flavor from eroding other items; Second, mildew prevention. Aluminum foil paper can block moisture and effectively prevent moisture, so as to avoid mildew of cigarettes in humid environment.

aluminum foil cigarette pack

Parameters of aluminum foil for cigarette

  • Alloys: 1235, 8079 etc
  • Tempers: soft HO ( h0 ) etc


Shipping methods: Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation, postal etc


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