Specifications of PTP aluminum foil roll

  • Alloys: 8011, 8021 etc
  • Tempers: soft HO (h0), H18 etc
  • Surface Finishing: one side bright, one side matte.
  • Can be lacquered, used for PTP packaging


OP 1g +/- 0.5g / AL 20 – 30 / VC 3g – 8g

According to the printing, it can be divided into unprinted and printed.

The sturcture of unprinted plain blister foil: primer + AL + HSL ( Heat Seal Lacquer )

The sturcture of printed blister foil: OP coated printing + Alu + VC

Features of blister tray foil

PTP ( press through packaging ) aluminum foil has excellent properties such as oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, leakage prevention, carrying prevention and pollution prevention.

PTP foil uses hard anodic aluminum oxide as the cover material, which is easy to break the aluminum foil and take out the medicine. PTP blister foil adopts heat sealing coating material, which does not peel off and can be bonded with various plastic based materials.

Applications of aluminium blister lidding foils

Tablets, pills, capsule etc

Aluminum blister foil film for manual


Each roll of goods shall be packed in PE bags, with gaskets and plugs at both ends, and packed in cartons outside. Finally, the export products shall be packed in fumigation free wooden pallets.


Shipping methods: Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation, postal etc


Sample service: we can provide samples, and the samples are free.

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