We sell aluminum foil raw materials used to make pharmaceutical aluminium foil, as well as finished pharmaceutical aluminium foil.

Parameters of pharmaceutical aluminum foil for pharma packaging

  • Alloys: 8011, 8021, 8079 etc
  • Tempers: soft HO (h0), H18 etc
  • Printing:
    • Plain foil (no printing)
    • Printing foil (single-sided printing, double-sided printing, monochrome printing, two-color printing, multi-color printing)
    • Color foil (single-sided gold, double-sided gold, green background, various color background)

Pharmaceutical aluminium foil can be divided into

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil has the advantages of, corrosion resistance, impermeability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance and high temperature. It is mainly used for blister packaging of drug capsules and tablets and bag packaging of powder particles and water agents. Especially PTP aluminum foil is moisture-proof, easy to carry and hygienic. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The production environment requirements of pharmaceutical aluminum foil processing plant are relatively high, such as no less than 100000 purification workshop. There are two kinds of alloy states of common drug foils on the market. Status: O, after cold stamping, used for.. pharmaceutical packaging; Status: h18, coated, used for PTP medicinal aluminum foil.

Since 8011-h18 drug foil is commonly attached to the rear side of plastic packaging materials, it is sealed. Aluminum foil after compounding, printing and gluing is widely used as packaging material. Therefore, the surface shall be clean, uniform in color, free of spots, flat and free of holes. It has excellent moisture-proof performance, shading and high barrier capacity, strong mechanical performance, high blasting resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance. Non toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic.

8021-o cold formed aluminum foil is used as closed packaging after deep drawing, pressing and forming. Therefore, it has strong mechanical properties, high blasting resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance; Excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability; The surface shall be clean, uniform in color, free of spots, oil stains, and flat without cavities; Bacteria, molds and other tests show that heavy metals do not exceed 0.25 parts per million. Industrial standards are strictly implemented to ensure safety and health.

Aluminum foil is safe, hygienic, and effective in sealing, and is commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging. 8079 aluminum foil is a commonly used pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil with high strength, good elongation, and good spreading, and is often used for high-grade pharmaceutical packaging, such as tropical blister aluminum foil packaging.

Tropical blister aluminum foil 8079 specification parameters.

Material state: O, H22, H24
Processing width: 0.016-0.2mm
Processing length: 100-1600mm

What are the reasons for 8079 aluminum foil becoming a high-grade pharmaceutical packaging material?

1, 8079 aluminum foil has high moisture resistance, gas barrier and flavor retention, which can effectively protect the pharmaceutical effect;
2、Good airtightness, shading, high elongation;
3, 8079 pharmaceutical aluminum foil by bacteria, mold and a number of tests, non-toxic, tasteless materials, safe and hygienic;
4、Stable shape at high and low temperature, no deformation when the temperature is -73~371°C.


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