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Date LME LME Weekly Price 2023-02 LME Average 2023-02 SMM Average
2023-03-29 2366$ 2301.8$ 2417.28$ 2690.56$
2023-03-28 2315$
2023-03-27 2298$
2023-03-24 2265$
2023-03-23 2265$

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Advanced aluminum sheet 5mm manufacturing plant

Huawei Aluminum has a large-scale production plant of more than 100,000 square meters.We has accumulated 22 years of experience in aluminum plate production and export, and established business cooperation with more than 60 countries.

As a technologically advanced 5mm aluminum sheet manufacturer, we insist on providing customers with the most suitable aluminum sheet solutions with professional pre-sales advice and after-sales service.

Mature export service system

Huawei Aluminum has always focused on the development of the international market, and our products have been supplied to Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Ghana, Morocco, Ethiopia, Australia, etc.and other parts of the world.

We eagerly welcome new aluminum sheet shoppers to establish long-term business relationships with us and make progress together.

What does aluminum sheet 5mm means?

"aluminum sheet 5mm" means the thickness of the aluminum sheet, converted to inches is 0.197, which is about 0.2'' aluminum sheet.5mm aluminum plate belongs to the range of thin aluminum plate (2-6mm), which is easy to operate in processing and has good formability. It is one of the main raw materials purchased and produced by the factory.

5mm Aluminum Sheet(0.197") aluminum-sheet-5mm

Aluminum sheet 5mm supplier

1.Huawei aluminum provides the whole board 1220*2440mm, which can be cut arbitrarily
2. Single-sided film protection of aluminum plate, no scratches and more beautiful;
The 3.5mm processed aluminum plate has a flat incision, and the cutting error is small.
4. Excellent choice for sheet metal processing can achieve multiple orders on time delivery

What is the price of aluminum sheet 5mm?

Unit price of aluminum plate = price of aluminum ingot + processing fee
The processing fee of aluminum sheet in different alloy states is different. Take 1060 5mm 4x8 aluminum sheet as an example. At present, the unit price of 5mm thick 1060 aluminum plate is about 18.5 yuan/kg or 18,500 yuan/ton.
To calculate the price of one square aluminum plate, it can be obtained by weight per square * unit price.

How do you cut a 5mm aluminium sheet?

If you want to cut an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 5mm, you can use a tool to cut the aluminum sheet. Different alloys need different tools because of different hardness. For 5mm thin aluminum sheets, you can use tin scissors, and for heavier aluminum sheets, you can use an angle grinder. However, this tool cutting method has a certain roughness in workmanship. More professional cutting look, can use laser or water jet cutting, which can cut any shape from aluminum sheet with perfect control precision.Huawei Aluminum can be cut to any size or shape, producing perfectly straight lines no thicker than 6mm.
5mm aluminum sheet supplier

5mm aluminium plate cut to size