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2023-03-08 2288.5$ 2330.1$ 2417.28$ 2690.56$
2023-03-07 2312.5.5$
2023-03-06 2321.5$
2023-03-03 2361.5$
2023-03-02 2366.5$

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Anodized aluminum discs in huawei

Huawei anodized aluminum discs have excellent anodizing effect, stable performance, high surface quality, and can be applied for making high-grade cooking utensils. In the market, many people may find that the aluminum discs after anodized treatment has higher price than the ordinary aluminum discs.

anodized aluminum circle supplier

anodized aluminum circle supplier

Difference between anodized aluminum circles and aluminum circles discs

1. There are a lot of color options for anodized discs, not just a single silver gray, such as champagne, silver white, bronze, rose gold, black, etc., which provide buyers with more choices. It also makes the appearance more beautiful.
2. Due to the addition of the coating, the coating undoubtedly plays the role of a protective layer, isolating the metal from the outside world. Therefore, the antirust performance of the anodized aluminum plate is particularly good, which can prolong the service life of the surface metal. At the same time, the coating also makes the surface of the material more wear-resistant.
3. Compared with ordinary aluminum discs, anodized aluminum discs not only have excellent bending properties, but also have excellent processing properties.

The manufacturing process of anodized aluminum discs

The process of anodized aluminum discs has one more production progress, that is anodizing, after anodizing, the hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum discs circles alloy will increase. Because the aluminum alloy do not have surface treatment is easy to be oxidized by the external factors, after the anodizing surface treatment, can improve the corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, protect the metal surface, etc. In addition, the aluminum film has a strong microporous adsorption capability and is favored by users after being colored into various beautiful beautiful colors, the typical application of anodized aluminum discs is high level colored cooking utensils.

Anodized aluminum discs supplier

Huawei Aluminum can provide customized anodized aluminum circles for customers, all specifications are available, if you have any request, please contact us by email, we will give you quotation and reply as soon as possible.

Applications of anodized aluminum discs

Aluminium anodized disc/circle is widely used in many industries including electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, education, auto parts, electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacture, vehicle, space, military, mould, construction, printing, etc. Cookware such as non-stick pans and pressure cookers, hardware such as lamp shades and water heater shell are the largest consumers of aluminium alloy plate and coil.
aluminum circle used for pans

aluminum circle used for pans

aluminum circles used for cooker

aluminum circles used for cooker

Aluminum circle display