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6063 Anodized Aluminum Overview

6063 anodized aluminum alloy is widely used in the construction industry from window frames to bridges due to its extrudability, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Anodized parts are easy to find in doors, bathroom accessories and, of course, roofs, windows, and the interior and exterior finishes of buildings.

Anodizing Process of 6063 Aluminum

But what is anodized aluminum? In a few words, anodizing is a process used to increase the oxide layer on the surface of aluminum. Then, a hard, wear-resistant protective layer is created. Let's explain the process in more detail:

Anodizing is an electrolytic process, i.e. it uses electrical current to produce electrolytic reactions, including anodic oxidation and cathodic reduction. It is at this point that the aluminum anode is almost completely covered by the aluminum oxide film.

During anodization, the thickness of the surface oxide layer increases. Its structure and characteristics can be modified according to the following changes:

  • Properties of Electrolytes
  • its composition
  • its temperature
  • Healing period
  • voltage used

The process of adnized

The process of adnized

6063 VS 6061

Two common variants of 6000 series aluminum alloys are 6061 and 6063.Both of them are widely used, but what is the specific difference?

Chemical Composition In terms of Mg and SI, 6061 is 30-50% more than 6063. The most direct effect is that 6061 has a greater strengthening effect than 6063.
Mechanical Properties The strengthening effect of 6061 heat treatment is greater. In contrast, the higher the tensile strength, the greater the deformation resistance, so the plasticity of the 6061 alloy is lower than 6063.
Plasticity 6061-T6 is used in occasions that require certain strength and hardness. 6063 is a representative alloy for extrusion with good extrudability.
Other Aspects Surface treatment: Both 6061 and 6063 anodizing properties are very good. 6063 aluminum is better.

Machinability: Both are good. 6061 is better.

In a few words,6061 aluminum offers higher strength and workability than 6063 aluminum, but 6063 has better extrudability.

Packaging of 6063 alloy anodized aluminum

6063 Anodized Aluminum Overview