What is the difference between aluminium 6082 and aluminium 6061?

Aluminum alloys 6082 and 6061 are both popular choices in the world of aluminum materials 6000 series, and while they share some similarities, For example, both alloys are heat-treatable, which means they can be strengthened through various heat treatment processes.aluminium 6061 production line

aluminium 6061 production line

they also have notable differences. Here's a comparison of these two alloys:

Aspect 6082 Aluminium 6061 Aluminium
Composition 97.6% aluminum, 2% magnesium, and 0.4% silicon 96.9% aluminum, 1% magnesium, 0.6% silicon, and 0.35% copper
Properties Higher strength and better weldability than 6061 Better corrosion resistance and formability than 6082
Uses Structural applications such as bridges, frames, and aircraft components Applications that require good formability and weldability such as automotive parts and construction materials
Price More expensive than 6061 due to higher strength and better weldability Cheaper and more readily available than 6082

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