1. 1050 Anodized Aluminum Overview

1050 is one of the pure aluminum (unalloyed aluminum) series products, and the aluminum content must reach more than 99.5%. Anodizing is an electrolytic process that produces a dense, chemically stable, protective aluminum oxide film, so the surface of 1050 anodized aluminum becomes tougher and more wear-resistant.

Typical types can be divided into 1050 anodized aluminum sheets and aluminum coils, and further processing can produce more excellent industrial supplies, such as 1050 anodized aluminum circle/discs

2. 1050 Anodized Aluminum Properties and Typical Applications

Size(mm)Surface TreatmentColorsMain Usage
1050 anodized aluminum sheet/plateO/H14/H18/H24 etc.0.5~20according to

EN485-4 Standard


Width:400 ~ 2,200 Length:1,000 ~ 5,000Anodised surface,Anodized Embossed stucco surface,Anodised mirror surface,etc.Nature,Champagne, Gold,Grey,Bronze,Dark Bronze,Black,etcdaily necessities, lighting, reflector, decorations, chemical industry containers, heat sinks, signs, electronics, lamps, nameplates, electrical appliances, stamping parts and drawing picture,sculpture,etc.
1050 anodized aluminum coils0.2~3Width:400 ~ 2,200 Length:customized


1050 anodized aluminum circle/disc0.5~10120~900(Diameter)cookware lampshade,traffic sign

3. More About Anodizing