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Ⅰ: Take you to know 7075 Alloy Anodized Aluminum.

Ⅰ-A: 7075 Alloy Anodized Aluminum.

7075 Alloy Anodized Aluminum is a commonly used type of anodized aluminum alloy,its formation is based on the anodization of 7075 alloy aluminum.
Anodized 7075 aluminum is one of the toughest forms of aluminum available. By removing aluminum oxide from 7075 aluminum and creating a porous surface to which any of a number of hard coatings can be applied, you make the aluminum not only much stronger but also resistant to practically all types of corrosion.

Ⅰ-B: 7075 alloy aluminum.

7075 aluminum plate is a cold-treated forged alloy with high strength and hardness, far superior to mild steel. 7075 aluminum plate is one of the strongest commercial alloys, with ordinary corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. The fine grain makes the deep drilling performance better, the tool wear resistance is enhanced, the thread rolling is more different from the weight, and the metal material of choice is relatively high when the density requirements are small and the hardness requirements are relatively high. 7075 aluminum anodized is gray. If there is no dyeing after hard anodizing, the pure background color is off-white. If it is dyed, it will be what color it is dyed. For example, the cans are dyed after oxidation treatment. The material can be dyed in any color you want. Hard anodizing only However, the oxide film is thicker. Because it is aluminum oxide, it is relatively hard, so it is called hard oxidation.
7075 alloy aluminum

7075 alloy aluminum

Ⅰ-C: 7075 alloy aluminum price.

The price of 7075 alloy aluminum is higher than that of other aluminum alloys, because its alloying elements are more, including zinc, magnesium, copper, the processing technology is more complicated, and the yield will be lower than other series of alloy aluminum, so its price Higher than other aluminum alloys, 7075 alloy aluminum is mainly used in relatively high-end aviation (airplane load-bearing components, landing gear), rockets, propellers, aerospace, etc.

Ⅱ: The process of 7075 Alloy Anodized Aluminum.

Ⅱ-A: Chemical composition of 7075 alloy aluminum.

7 series: Al-Mg-Zn-Cu aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy
Features: mainly zinc, with a small amount of magnesium and copper added, belonging to the aviation series, is an aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper alloy, a heat-treatable alloy, a super-hard aluminum alloy, with good wear resistance and good weldability, but resistant to Corrosiveness is poor. Among them, the superhard aluminum alloy is close to the hardness of steel. The extrusion speed is slower than that of the 6 series alloy, and the welding performance is good.
Scope of application: aviation (aircraft load-bearing components, landing gear), rockets, propellers, aerospace.
Typical grades: 7050 is used for - plate, extrusion, free forging and die forging for aircraft structural parts. 7075 is used in the manufacture of aircraft structural parts, high-stress structural parts with high strength and strong corrosion resistance, and mold manufacturing.

airplane load-bearing parts

Ⅱ-B: Anodized Processing of 7075 alloy aluminum.

This technology uses the 7075 itself as the anode, the lead plate as the cathode, and forms an oxide film after being energized in the electrolyte. At present, sulfuric acid anodizing, chromic acid anodizing, oxalic acid anodizing, ceramic anodizing and hard anodizing are widely used in this process. In practice, the sulfuric acid method, the chromic acid method and the oxalic acid method are widely used. The film formed by the sulfuric acid method has a high thickness, is colorless and transparent, and has a porosity of 10% to 15%. However, the disadvantage of this membrane is that it is easily affected by various factors such as sulfuric acid concentration, temperature, current density, oxidation time, etc., and the technical operation requirements are relatively high and difficult to master. The film formed by the chromic acid method has a softer texture, a lower porosity ratio than that of the sulfuric acid method, and excellent corrosion resistance. However, from the experimental results, the wear resistance is not good. Components with high requirements in this regard should not use this method. method for processing. The film formed by the oxalic acid method has a higher thickness, generally white or yellow in color, and gradually becomes darker with the increase of the film thickness, has a lower porosity, and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In summary, the anodizing method can effectively improve the surface properties of 7075, improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance and surface hardness.