3C product shell why more aluminum magnesium alloy?

The so-called "3C products" is a collective name for computer, communication and consumer electronics, also known as "information appliances". For example, computers, tablet PCs, cell phones or digital audio players, etc..

3C product shells mostly use aluminum magnesium alloy, such as 5052 aluminum plate, with low density, light weight, better heat dissipation, stronger resistance to pressure, can fully meet the 3C products highly integrated, thin, miniaturized, anti-drop and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation requirements.

aluminum magnesium alloy

First of all, aluminum alloy has a strong metallic texture, and compared with the dullness of stainless steel, aluminum alloy material is easier to process to produce a beautiful, glittering feeling.

Second, aluminum alloy material is very light, the specific gravity is about one-third of stainless steel. That is to say, the same volume of stainless steel cell phone, the material weight is almost three times heavier than aluminum alloy.

In addition, the aluminum alloy material is strong in dyeing, just because of the switch to aluminum alloy, the so-called "earthy gold", "high-end gray", "rose gold", "bright black" and other colors emerge in the market. "Bright black" and other colors. At the same time, aluminum alloy material has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, no handprint, anti-static, environmental protection and non-toxic.