How to choose a reliable aluminum diamond plate manufacturer?

Patterned aluminum sheet is widely used, and it can be seen in the fields of construction, transportation, decoration and refrigeration equipment, etc. One rib/pointer type, three rib and five rib are common types of patterns. According to the alloy classification, 1060 patterned aluminum plate, 3003 patterned aluminum plate, 5052 patterned aluminum plate, 5754 patterned aluminum plate are very common.

So how to choose a reliable aluminum diamond plate manufacturer?

aluminum diamond plate manufacturer

A look at the thickness. High-quality patterned plate selected by the plate, its thickness, strength, oxide film thickness, etc. should meet national norms: aluminum thickness ≥ 1.2mm, tensile strength ≥ 157 N / mm2, yield strength ≥ 108 N / mm2, oxide film thickness ≥ 10 microns. If you can not reach the specification, is the residual plate.

Second look at the processing. Regular large factory production pattern plate, with sophisticated materials, bright and shiny plate, pattern clear and neat, flat aluminum plate, the appearance of no oil, scratches, bruises and other shortcomings; and small factory production pattern aluminum plate, with scrap aluminum as material, the appearance of dull and dull, the pattern is not clear, not neat, the plate is not flat, the performance is not qualified, poor quality.

Three look at the price. Patterned aluminum plate is divided into two kinds of pure aluminum and alloy, and its price is naturally different. Regular manufacturers produce patterned aluminum plate processing costs a few thousand dollars a ton, the alloy price is higher than pure aluminum, the price of regular manufacturers of aluminum plate is about 20%-30% higher than the residual aluminum plate.