5 types of surface treatment of aa5052 aluminium sheet

aa5052 aluminium sheet is widely used in life, especially in the construction industry. As people's requirements are getting higher and higher, the appearance of aluminum plate is getting more and more attention, and now many manufacturers will surface treatment of aluminum plate to improve the aesthetics, the current common surface treatment of aluminum plate mainly has the following five kinds.

aa5052 aluminium sheet

1、Powder electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic spraying using high-voltage electrostatic corona electric field principle. The metal guide cup on the head of the spray gun is connected to the high-voltage negative electricity, the coated workpiece grounded to form a positive pole. A strong electrostatic field is formed between the gun and the workpiece. When the carrier gas (compressed air) will be powder coating from the powder supply barrel through the powder delivery tube to the gun's deflector cup, its surrounding dense charge, the powder with a negative charge, in the role of electrostatic force and compressed air, the powder is uniformly adsorbed on the workpiece, by heating, powder melt curing (or plasticizing) into a uniform, continuous, flat, smooth coating film. The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum plate, for some acid and alkali salt, this aluminum plate is to be superior to the oxidation coloring profile.

2、Electrophoretic coating

Electrophoresis is one of the more effective methods to paint metal workpieces. Electrophoretic coating is a special coating method in which the electrically conductive coated material is immersed in a relatively low concentration of electrophoretic paint tank filled with water dilution as the anode (or cathode), and another cathode (or anode) is set up in the tank corresponding to it, and after a period of direct current is passed between the two poles, a uniform and fine, non-water-dissolved coating film is deposited on the surface of the coated material. The process of electrodeposition coating is accompanied by four chemical-physical changes, namely electrolysis, electrophoresis, electrodeposition and electro-osmosis. After such treatment, the surface of aluminum sheet shows a smooth side and the corrosion resistance is enhanced.

3、Frosted treatment

Inherently patterned aluminum plate is very bright, but in our life in a certain environment will appear interference highlights, the use of frosted can be a good solution to this problem, so that the surface of the aluminum plate like a silky smooth, by a lot of people's favorite.

4、Multi-tone surface treatment

The previous traditional color aluminum plate can not meet the needs of some designers, in order to make the aluminum plate better with the use of a variety of color processing, so that the color of aluminum plate becomes more perfect, the more important point is that are required after polishing oxidation treatment, the effect is the best.

5、Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics

This is the use of advanced science and technology. After this treatment of aluminum plate quality is excellent, although the cost is higher, but a penny a penny. What's more, this kind of aluminum plate can also carry out a series of sets of colors.