General info on the aluminum alloy strips

Huawei is a professional aluminum strip manufacturer in China, the high quality aluminum strips are widely used in transformer winding, cables, lamp base, air duct, shutter, caps, tube, pipe and so on. 1060 alloy is the most applied one. Aluminum strips are usually applied in fry type transformer winding. Dry-type transformers rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting and electronic circuits, high-rise buildings, airports,terminals, CNC machinery and other places.

aluminum alloy strips

You might know before the aluminum alloy strips is not the first choice for raw material for dry type transformer wingdings, it is the copper foil or copper strip. With the technology developed, the aluminum strip became the welcomed selection for transformer enterprise. Under the specified conditions of application, the application safety of the aluminum strip is the same, because in the liquid-insulated and solid-insulated distribution transformer, the aluminum strip conductor will not oxidize and its chemical properties will not change, so the aluminum strips is safe as copper strips equally. In this case as long as the quality and performance of the product can be guaranteed, no matter it is a copper strip or an aluminum strip, the effect produced in the transformer is the same. But the cost of aluminum strip is lower than copper strip. The edge of the transformer aluminum strip product has been treated with high precision to achieve burr-free and the resist less than 0.028, when the transformer aluminum strip is applied in the production of distribution transformers and dry-type transformer winding, which not only saves cost, but also guarantees transformer performance and saves copper resources.

In this case, aluminum strip manufacturers can offer high quality aluminum strip for transformer company, which has the effect as copper strip, but reduce the company raw material, which can help the business boom better.

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