Introduction to the production process of aluminium sheet for PS plate base factory

The manufacturing method of aluminum sheet for PS plate base for printing, which involves a production process of aluminum alloy aluminum plate. It solves the problems of poor organization, poor surface quality, bad plate shape and uneven thickness of existing aluminum plates.

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A method for manufacturing aluminium sheet for PS plate base for printing, characterized in that it has the method steps of

a, according to the weight ratio Al: 98, Si: <1.0, Fe: 0.3 ~ 1.0, Cu: 0.03, Zn: 0.03, Mg: 0.03, Ti: 0.05 ratio of the above-mentioned alloy components mixed in the melting temperature of 720 ~ 800 ℃ conditions melting;

b, and then cast into alloy ingots at a casting temperature of 690-750 ℃;

c, the alloy ingot in the temperature of 500 ~ 610 ℃ to make the ingot homogenization annealing;

d, and then hot-rolled at a temperature of 400 to 540 ℃;

e, hot-rolled blanks from 9.0mm cold-rolled to 0.7mm;

f, intermediate annealing at a temperature of 300 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ for 11h, holding 1h and then cold-rolled to 0.15mm, after stretching, complete straightening, shearing to get the finished product.