New order 10 tons aluminum blank discs export to Algeria

On August 24 2021, a new order of 10 tons of aluminum blank discs were signed by the international trade department of our company, the customer is from Algeria.

Order details

  • Country: Algeria
  • Port of receipt: Algiers
  • Product: aluminum blank discs
  • Quantity: 10 tons
  • Customs Code ( HS code ): 7606910000
  • Price: (refer to the real-time aluminum price)

aluminum blank discs

This Italy customer for, aluminum disc elongation requirements are relatively high (elongation of not less than 38%), the customer later use the spinning process to produce aluminum pots, pans, pans and other aluminum products, after the end of the spinning oil removal and white, and then polishing, installation of handles and other related accessories.

In the process of aluminum disc production, there are several links of particular importance.

  1. Billet link, the main check grain size and aluminum content, must reach the grain size of grade 1 and more than 99.5% aluminum content, before the production of aluminum discs, the main factor affecting the grain size is the titanium content of the melting process, we require titanium content of not less than 0.15%, only then can guarantee the quality of the billet, the above 2 indicators The above 2 indicators directly affect whether the aluminum discs will be pulled when spinning to produce aluminum pans, whether the surface of aluminum pans will have orange peel pattern, tiger skin pattern and other undesirable phenomena.
  2. Rolling link, it is from the billet 6.0mm calendering to the required thickness of aluminum discs. In the process of calendering and rolling, we should strictly control the amount of rolling pressure in each pass, the amount of pressure in each pass is not more than 60%, that is to say, from 1.0mm, the maximum calendering to 0.6mm, the one-time pressure is too large, it will also affect the quality of aluminum products later. The same plate thickness tolerance plus or minus 0.01mm, but also to control the thickness and width.
  3. Punching aluminum rolls into aluminum discs, after the stamping workshop receives the rolled aluminum rolls with the required thickness, it starts stamping by checking the thickness, width, and other external dimensions, and this process mainly controls whether the diameter of aluminum discs is correct (diameter tolerance plus or minus), whether the aluminum discs are scratched, whether the aluminum discs are deformed, the side burrs, the number of pieces, etc.
    As the gap between the upper and lower die will gradually become larger during the use of the stamping die, the edge burr of the aluminum disc will become thicker and longer, which will easily stab the workers' hands during the later handling and spinning process. So the stamping dies should be checked regularly for tolerance and trimming. Our company adopts precise control of quantity, which means that each set of dies should be trimmed after how many times of stamping.
  4. Annealing link, turn the aluminum disc in H state into 0 state. Annealing furnace heating time of 6 hours, heating up to about 200 degrees to begin to remove oil and smoke (because this temperature aluminum disc above the rolling oil has begun to atomize), from room temperature heating to 380 degrees, constant temperature of 380 degrees to maintain 20 hours, the length of insulation time will have a great impact on the elongation of aluminum discs, and then cool down the natural cooling.
    5. packaging links, in order to prevent the long transport process between the aluminum discs of static electricity, the need to sandwich paper between the aluminum discs, not every piece is added, we control the standard is about 10cm thickness sandwich a paper, and then is waterproof, moisture-proof, such as 4 layers of packaging, the following is fumigated wooden pallets, the top is a multi-layer board of wooden cover, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal steel belt packing.

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum discs. We have rich production experience, strict control of production Quality assurance.
It is our vision to make aluminum products more close to life.

Aluminum discs production parameters

  • Aluminum alloy: 1xxx 3xxx- 8xxx (1050,1060,3003,3003-2,8011)
  • Round state: O - H112,
  • Diameter: 85mm - 1500mm
  • Thickness: 0.4mm - 6.0mm

Aluminum discs are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, literature and education and auto parts. Electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, mold, construction, printing and other industries. Such as kitchenware products such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers, etc. and hardware products such as lamp shades, water heater shells, stretching tanks, etc., is one of the largest amount of aluminum alloy sheet and strip deep processing products.

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