Several classifications and forming methods of brushed aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum is a process of repeatedly scraping out the lines of aluminum sheets with sandpaper, and its production process is mainly divided into 3 parts: de-esterification, sand grinding and washing. Brushed aluminum is widely used in brushed aluminum composite panels, fireproof panels, aluminum photo frames, fine cabinets, fine doors and windows, veneer panels, signs, lighting, interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, bags, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics, etc. It is a kind of decorative sheet that is quite popular at present.

Brushed aluminum sheet is mainly divided into straight brushed, messy brushed, corrugated brushed, rotary brushed, threaded brushed, etc. The following is a brief introduction of the above brushed aluminum sheet forming methods.

Wire drawing process is different, the pattern of wire drawing aluminum plate is also different.

Linear texture brushed aluminum sheet: the surface of the aluminum plate with mechanical abrasion method to process a straight line pattern, with a brush to remove the surface scratches and decorate the surface of the aluminum plate double role. Straight wire drawing has continuous wire pattern and intermittent wire pattern, connecting wire drawing can be obtained by continuous horizontal line rubbing on the metal surface with a cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush. Change the diameter of the stainless steel wire, you can get different thickness of the grain.

Random pattern brushed aluminum plate: Messy wire drawing aluminum plate is in the high-speed operation of the copper wire brush, aluminum plate before and after the left and right friction to obtain a kind of irregular, no obvious grain of matte aluminum plate.

Wave texture brushed aluminum plate: corrugated wire drawing aluminum plate is generally made on the brush and rubbing machine, the use of the upper group of axial movement of the grinding roller, grinding in the metal surface, resulting in wavy pattern.

Rotate texture brushed aluminum plate: spin wire drawing aluminum plate is the use of hair columnar felt or stone nylon wheel mounted on the drill press, with kerosene and polishing ointment, the metal surface for rotary polishing obtained by a kind of silk pattern, it is mostly used for round signs and small decorative dial decorative processing.

Spiral brushed aluminum plate: Threaded brushed aluminum plate is a small motor equipped with a round felt on the shaft, fixed on the table, and the table edge at an angle of 60 degrees, using the rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the dragging plate, the surface of the aluminum plate spinning and rubbing the width of the thread pattern.