What are the advantages of aluminum foil lids for milk powder can sealing?

At present, the milk powder cover in direct contact with milk powder on the market is mainly made of aluminum foil, which mainly plays the role of moisture-proof and sealing, as the milk powder cover aluminum foil easy-tear cover is composed of an inner cover and an outer cover. The inner lid is easy to tear the lid structure, in 50 ~ 60mm thick aluminum foil attached to the pull ring, aluminum foil outer edge heat sealing or adhesion in the tin-plated thin steel plate cover ring, through the ring and the can body tightly fixed, so that the inner lid and the can body. Aluminum foil easy to tear cover open, just use your fingers to pull up the ring and pull upward, aluminum foil can be torn off along the side of the can. Aluminum foil lids for milk powder can sealing are used to protect the inner lid and to close the can again after the inner lid is opened.

aluminum foil lids for milk powder can sealing

The milk powder easy-tear cover has higher requirements for the food grade of aluminum foil and the quality of the product. Take the 8011 aluminum foil produced by Huawei Aluminum as an example, the 8011 aluminum foil of Aluminum meets the food grade requirements, with a flat version; strict layout requirements, no black oil spots, scratches, small black silk, bright lines, roller printing bump, mosquitoes and other phenomena; cutting edge quality, no burr, tower type, tampering layer can, ruffled edge, flip edge, bumpy point light phenomenon; brushing water Must reach the A standard; packaging moisture-proof, to avoid oxidation. A different point of the finished product thickness control within ± 4%.