stucco embossed aluminium sheet is widely used in refrigerator freezer

Stucco embossed aluminium sheet is also called embossed aluminum plate, which has the advantages of high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, and can have excellent application effect in wet environment. In addition, the stucco aluminum plate has a very beautiful appearance and strong metallic color, and it has a good visual experience after being used for decoration, while its good performance makes it have good application effect in many fields. Stucco aluminum sheet is one of the main products of Huawei Aluminum, and it has always had a good reputation among new and old customers. It has great advantages for refrigerator evaporator.

stucco embossed aluminium sheet

1, first of all, in terms of cooling speed, according to the principle of physics, the thermal conductivity of stucco aluminum plate is 237W/mK, the larger the value of thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity, the faster the cooling speed under the same conditions, the better the cooling effect.

2, in terms of material, the cost price of stucco aluminum plate is higher, the reason why the better refrigerator choose the high cost of stucco aluminum plate evaporator, because the cooling effect of stucco aluminum plate evaporator is better.

3, on the welding point and corrosion resistance, high performance refrigerator stucco aluminum plate evaporator surface stucco aluminum plate will refrigeration tube wrapped, there is no welding point, refrigerant never leak, safe and healthy!

4, in terms of load-bearing capacity, refrigerator freezer drawer and stucco aluminum plate evaporator full contact, large refrigeration area, uniform refrigeration, due to the uniform force, stucco aluminum plate made of stucco aluminum plate evaporator load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg.