The types of textured diamond aluminum tread plate

Firstly, according to the different patterns of aluminum alloy, the aluminum tread plate can be divided into:

A.. Genera aluminum alloy tread plate: The aluminum tread plate processed by 1060 aluminum plate is able to get used to the usual environment and the price is competitively lower. Generally , the application is in the cold storage, floor and outer packaging.

B, Aluminum alloy tread plate with 3003 as the primary material processing, this aluminum plate is also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, the tensile strength is slightly higher than the general aluminum alloy type, has a certain rust-proof function, but hardness and corrosion resistance can not reach the level of the 5000 series plates, so the product is generally used in the area of less demanding rust prevention, such as truck models and cold storage floors.

C, aluminum-magnesium alloy tread plate of 5002 or 5083 and other 5000 series of aluminum plate for processing materials, with outstanding corrosion resistance, hardness, anti-rust function. Generally used in the wet environment of ships and compartment lights, the aluminum tread plate has high hardness and certain bearing capacity.

textured diamond aluminum tread plate

Secondly, according to the aluminum sheet tread patterns, the textured diamond aluminum tread plate are divided into:

a. Five-bar aluminum tread plate: The five-bar anti-slip aluminum plate becomes a willow-shaped tread plate and an aluminum alloy tread plate. It has outstanding anti-slip ability and is widely used in construction (floor) channel planning. Because the appearance is arranged in a relatively parallel manner according to the five high and low patterns, and each of the stripes has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, this pattern has excellent anti-slip function. This kind of aluminum plate is generally used as a non-slip in the country, and has an excellent anti-slip effect, and the price is cheap.

b, Compass/diamond aluminum plate: this type with same function of non-slip as the five bars, but not often used as 5-bar type.

c. The lenticular pattern aluminum plate is a commonly used style of non-slip aluminum plate. It has outstanding anti-slip effect. It is mainly used for the car, the channel is non-slip, the cold storage floor is non-slip, the shop floor is non-slip, and the elevator is non-slip.

There are also other patterns, but not so popularly used as the above three types.

Thirdly, the characteristics of the tread aluminum plate:

a. The material is light in weight. For industrial equipment, light weight is the biggest advantage, and for aluminum equipment, good toughness and high tolerance are good for production and processing, and have good resistance. Tensile strength and properties are the most important features of aluminum veneers.

b, Its processing performance is good, the method of processing before painting, the aluminum plate can be processed into various forms and shapes, the product is plastic, flexible, free, can be manufactured into a variety of aluminum products, so It has been widely welcomed by people.