What is 6061 Aluminum Sheet?

6061 aluminum sheet offers good abilities in processability, toughness, corrosion resistance, has a good anodizing quality, is easy to covered with color film. 6061 aluminum sheet has a widely use in construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, furniture, mechanical components, mould, etc.

Here are five common temper in 6061 aluminum sheet

1. Heat treatment temper. 6061-T651 is a classic alloy which processed by heat treatment, it’s state is suitable for further processing.

2. F(free) temper. This temper of alloy has a changeable mechanical properties.

3. Annealed state. This state applies to the alloys that are fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength.

4. Work hardening temper. The strength of alloys can be enhance by work hardening.

5. Solution heat-treated temper. This temper is an unstable state, it also means he alloy is in a natural aging stage.

6061 aluminum sheet in different temper base on customer’s need, with a wide thickness range up to 600mm. Our aluminum sheet with thin thickness can be used in phone’s slot, computer stands and shell, while thick plate can be used in mould, wheel hub, decoration panel for bus, and chair and chassis parts for cars. In addition, extra-wide aluminum sheet with a maximum width up to 2650mm, is an ideal material for curtain wall.