What is 5083 marine aluminum sheet?

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet, the content of Mg is about 4.0-4.9%, which higher than the Mg content in 5052 aluminum sheet. 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet has a moderate strength, offers excellent abilities in processing performance, weld ability and corrosion resistance, thus 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet is the material of choice for shipbuilding. In addition, 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet is widely used in oil tank, vehicle parts, electrical enclosure, etc.

Generally, 5052-H32 aluminum sheet or 5052-O aluminum sheet is an ideal material for yachts that driving in freshwater, given to its good corrosion resistance and competitive price. But for the ships in sea water, 5083-H116 aluminum sheet and 5083-H321 aluminum sheet are the best materials in a harsh environment, due to its high Mg content and a detailed manufacturing process, with an excellent corrosion resistance.