What is a color-coated aluminum sheet coil?

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Color coated aluminum coil is also called as painted aluminum coil, the thickness is 0.18-1.5 mm, and the width is 580 - 1850 mm. The color coated aluminum coil has advantages as beautiful appearance, durable usage, light weight, high strength, good temperature adaption, good fire prevention ability, strong acid resistance, good sound insulation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning and so on, and its cost is low with good decorative effect at the same time, so color coated aluminum coil as a new kind of wall decoration materials is very popular in recent years, with stone, glass curtain wall, they are regard as three largest curtain wall materials. The profession of attention and love. In the highly competitive in many types of decorative board.

It’s widely used for building curtain wall, old building renovation, facade decoration, billboards, signs, all kinds of equipment, machine tool appearance decoration, subway, the tunnel inside decoration, airport decoration, decoration of all kinds of office furniture and civilian furniture production.