Why do yogurt cups use aluminum foil lids?

I believe most poeple have eaten yogurt and know about the yogurt, but does any one know something about the foil lids usd as the cover? And why do yogurt cups use aluminum foil lids? Today let’s talk about it.

Yogurt lid aluminum foil is used to give a consummate conclusion to the container as well as assurance from external impacts. Lids foils are also preferred due to their smooth and robust peel which is well suited for clean room environments.

yogurt lid aluminum foil

Lids foils provide barrier protection which is approximately five times better than other lids material. Not only this, they also offer many advantages to the packaging machinery operators as they run more efficiently on the packaging lines providing fewer hang ups and rejects as compared to their counterparts.

Factor hampering the growth of the global lids foil market is the comparatively low tear strength of the foil which comprises the seal integrity thereby contributing to low shelf life of the package.

Usually it's a foil because it's in aluminum. Aluminum is a great oxygen barrier. Oxygen kills the bacteria in yogurt. Some studies pointed out this, so this must be a concern in food industry. Maybe there are some other reason, but this is one of those.

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