Huawei offers a variety of alloy trim coil aluminum in more than 10 different colors.
We paint high-quality aluminum coil surfaces with one of the strongest finishes in the industry, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Trim Coil Aluminum

Trim Coil Aluminum

Surface Treatment of Trim Coil Aluminum

Trim coil aluminum have a strong and flexible finish including smooth, PVC, wood grain and more. Coated on both sides to resist cracking, chipping and peeling, it can withstand the harshest environments and maintain a virtually maintenance-free aesthetic for a lifetime.
No matter the project, we have a trim coil aluminum that can meet almost all of your needs.

Application of Trim Coil Aluminum

Aluminum trim coils are designed for residential and light commercial applications, providing low maintenance coverage for exterior trim surfaces. Examples include bending and wrapping aluminum trim coils around wood shell trim on windows, flashings, entry doors, and garage doors.

Trim Aluminum Coils

Trim Aluminum Coils

Trim Coil Aluminum Bestseller Specifications

24 inches wide
Thickness: 0.019″

Huawei Aluminum Quotation

Date LME LME Weekly Price 2023-04 LME Average 2023-04 SMM Average
2023-05-03 2330$ 2333.3$ 2341.00$ 2712.08$
2023-05-02 2353$
2023-04-28 2342$
2023-04-27 2302$
2023-04-26 2339.5$

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