What is aluminum coil stock?

Aluminum coil in stock has been in production for over 70 years. The production of aluminum sheet, strip and coil has good continuity, high efficiency and good metal properties. Aluminum coil stocks are widely used in building curtain walls, aluminum-plastic composite panels, high-grade building roofs, roofs, doors and windows, various containers (including cans) and so on.

aluminum coil stock

Aluminum coil stock suppliers near me

As an aluminum coil stock manufacturer, Huawei Aluminum has always been adhering to the concept of taking quality as the first element. For more than 20 years in the production and processing of aluminum alloy products, we have exported a large number of aluminum metal materials to more than 70 countries in the world, and have received Affirmed and agreed. It also solved the problem of "where to find aluminum coil suppliers?" to many buyers.

Aluminum coil stock specification

aluminum coil colors stock
  • white aluminum coil stock
  • black aluminum coil stock
  • brown aluminum coil stock
  • blue;bronze;green;red
Aluminum coil surface treatment
  • anodized aluminum coil stock
  • pvc coated aluminum coil stock
  • burnished;painting ;perforated
Coil stock aluminum thickness
  • 019 aluminum coil stocks
  • 024 aluminum coil stocks
  • 027 aluminum coils stock
  • 040 aluminum coil stock
  • 032 aluminum coils stock
  • .024 aluminum coil stock
Aluminum coil stock gauge
  • 6 ,7.5, 8 inch
  • 12 stock aluminum coil
  • 14 inch aluminum coil stock
  • 18 aluminum coil stock
  • 19 gauge aluminum coil stock
  • 24 gauge aluminum coil stock
  • 36 inch aluminum coil stock
Aluminum alloy coil stock
  •  5052 aluminum coil stock

Stock aluminum coil features

1. The quality is easy to control, the quality is good,
2. High utilization rate of raw materials and coatings for production and low loss;
3. The use of materials is energy-saving, low in cost and good in economic benefits.
4. Aluminum coil products have the characteristics of strong decoration, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
5. The metal surface of the aluminum coil is anti-fouling and has the advantages of good processability and formability.

What is aluminum coil stock used for?