What Is Aluminum Coil For Aluminium Roofing Sheet

aluminum coil for aluminium roofing sheet, also called color-coated aluminum coil, prefabricated roofing sheet aluminum coil, refers to the aluminum coil that has undergone coating and coloring treatment, and is generally divided into PE coating and PVDF coating.Common alloy models include 1100, 1060, 3003, etc.

Aluminum Coil For Aluminium Roofing Sheet

The production process of aluminum roofing sheet made of aluminum coils

Our aluminum coil to aluminum roof panel production has strict process and online quality inspection, aluminum coil, paint, thickness, temperature, gloss, color difference, protective film, each link is strictly supervised to ensure the high quality of the product .

The difference between PE and PVDF coated aluminum coil

Service Life The Price The Surface Regular Thickness Application
PE Polyester Coating 5-10 years PVDF is higher 1.5-2.5mm indoor decoration
PVDF Fluorocarbon Coating 20 years strong metallic luster, clear color and strong stereoscopic effect 2.5mm -4mm outdoor decoration

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