Aluminum honeycomb panel is a new type of composite material, which consists of upper and lower two layers of aluminum sheet compounded with honeycomb core through adhesive. Aluminum honeycomb composite material (also called aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panel) has the characteristics of high rigidity, light weight and high flatness. It is mainly used in civil construction, car and boat decoration, etc.

On the market, the commonly used aluminum-based honeycomb plate alloy state for 3003H24 aluminum plate, there are a few 5005 rust-proof aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum thin plate in use, the thickness is basically between 0.03-0.06mm, tensile strength requirements in 280MPA or more, elongation of about 3%. Its main advantages are reflected in the following aspects.

Aluminum honeycomb sheet

Superiority of aluminum honeycomb panel

1.High rigidity: The hexagonal structure of honeycomb aluminum panel as the core layer of sandwich type panel can resist the external force such as typhoon without deforming the material at all.

2. High flatness: Due to its super stability, it can achieve very good flatness.

3. Non-combustibility: Since it is composed entirely of aluminum alloy, it is a non-combustible material with good safety.

4. Heat insulation performance: Because the core layer of honeycomb aluminum panel reduces the heat transfer between panels, and this heat transfer is blocked because of the formation of air layer.

5. Durability: Excellent resistance and stability to chemical corrosion make it a suitable building material for highly polluted areas. It can be easily cleaned with water, detergent, sponge, etc. during cleaning.

6. Aesthetics: Roll coating not only makes it possible to keep the color for a long time on various buildings.

Because of the above advantages, the market demand of aluminum honeycomb composite material is expanding and diversifying, and it is widely used in building decoration curtain wall, furniture, home decoration, shopping mall booth, automobile, high-speed railway carriage, subway carriage, ship, energy and other fields, and the market demand will gradually increase in the future.


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