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2023-03-27 2298$
2023-03-24 2265$
2023-03-23 2265$

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Huawei Aluminum Black Anodized Aluminum

Black anodized(anodised) aluminium sheet is fade resistant, anodized black aluminum will be brighter than typical aluminum and is sure to add beauty to any project you perform. If you want to add appeal to your building or any other construction project, our black anodized aluminum is the choice you can trust

Huawei Aluminum has mature production lines and perfect sales channels, and constantly develop new products and new application scenarios in the production process of anodizing. Now, our products are supplied to more than 50 countries around the world. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to negotiate business and look forward to your opinions and suggestions.

Black Color Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Black Color Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Market for Black Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Our customers are located in more than 50 countries around the world.

For example: Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea,
Iran, India, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Vietnam, South Africa, Dubai, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, etc., Australia, Italy, Argentina, etc.

Types of black aluminum sheet

What are the types of black aluminum sheets?

Aluminum Type Item
Aluminum plate process type
  • black diamond plate aluminum sheet
  • gloss black aluminum sheet
  • black perforated aluminum sheet
  • black painted aluminum sheet
  • anodized black aluminum sheet
Aluminum plate size type
  • black aluminum sheet 4x8
Aluminum sheet thickness type
  • .125 black anodized aluminum sheet
  • 1/8 black anodized aluminum sheet
  • .040 black aluminum sheet
Aluminum sheet alloy  type
  • 5005,5052
  • 6061,6083

Black Anodized Aluminum Sheet Gauge and Sheet Size Options

The common specifications of huawei aluminum's black anodized aluminum plate are 0.032, 0.040, 0.063. A variety of stock size options are available, but custom size inquiries are also welcome. All panels are flattened, sheeted, punched and slit.

Advantages of black anodized aluminum

1. Long service life and durable

Alack aluminum sheets are very durable material and can be used for a variety of purposes, especially in construction. However, once anodized, the surface of aluminum will become harder than before. That's because anodized aluminum has three times the surface hardness of standard aluminum. In addition, anodized surfaces do not crack, flake, or peel off, especially when treated to add color. Because the anodic oxidation process takes place under controlled oxidation of aluminum, the finished product does not rust or weather. In summary, anodized alumina is one of the toughest and most widely used metal products on the market. When you order black anodized alumina from us, we trust that you are satisfied with its quality.

2. Lightweight and easy to process

Compared with stainless steel, copper and brass, black aluminum sheet metal weight is reduced by about 60%. As a result, it makes the transportation of materials more cost-effective with minimal damage to the bank. Most importantly, its lightweight quality can help solve countless design problems. No matter what problems you encounter when building or designing consumer goods, as long as you need durable, attractive and lightweight metal materials, anodized black aluminum sheet will provide you with the most common solution.

3. Low price, low cost

Due to its light weight, black anodized aluminum sheets is much cheaper to transport our anodized black aluminum sheet to the site or manufacturing plant. More importantly, its strength-to-weight ratio also helps to provide consumers with a lower total project cost per square foot compared to other metals (steel, bronze, zinc, brass and copper) while still providing the same visual effect. Another reason aluminum is so economically efficient is because there's so much of it in the world and it's renewable. Because it is the only 100 percent recyclable metal, its impact on the environment is much less than other products. So when you want to use the cheapest metal, you can trust that our black anodized alumina is right for your product.

4. Appearance Bright and aesthetically pleasing

Our black anodized alumina will certainly add beauty to any project you execute. The anodized black aluminum sheet will be brighter than typical aluminum due to the anodizing process. In general, if you want to add attractiveness to your building or any other building project, our black anodized alumina will never go wrong.

black color anodized aluminum sheet packaging

5005 black color anodized aluminum sheet plate

Aluminum plate black 5005 anodized finish is visually appealing in quality, extremely corrosion resistant, light weight and durable. A coloured anodic oxide layer means that the colour is part of the metal and therefore does not peel off like paint. It is also non-toxic and does not contain any harmful by-products. Anodized plates are commonly used in structural/building applications, electrical appliances, food preparation equipment, furniture, sporting goods, ships, automobiles, jewelry and artwork.

black aluminum sheet anodized 5005

Element Mg Fe Zn Cu Cr Si Mn Al
Percentage 0.5 - 1.1 0 - 0.7 0 - 0.25 0 - 0.2 0 - 0.1 0 - 0.3 0 - 0.2 97 - 99.5

Why Anodized Aluminum Sheets?

The reason why the anodized aluminum plate should be oxidized is that the aluminum plate will be oxidized after long-term use in the air. Although the natural oxide layer on the surface has a certain passivation effect, it still has the film layer falling off, being corroded and the aluminum plate discoloration for a long time.

To overcome this shortcoming, the aluminum plate must be anodized to achieve the desired. After anodic oxidation, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum plate. The colorless and porous nature of anodic oxide film is utilized to achieve the purpose of dyeing and protecting aluminum matrix.