5754 aluminum sheet for truck body

Lightweight automobile is an important trend in the future. By using lightweight materials, the weight of the automobile itself is reduced to achieve the goal of weight reduction, energy saving and emission reduction. Aluminum alloy is a lightweight material, which can be used for four doors and two covers, radiator, wheels, carriages, fuel tanks, etc. It plays a vital role in realizing the lightweight of automobiles. Today we introduce the 5754 aluminum sheet for truck compartment.

aluminium truck body sheet

5754 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy, with low density, high strength, good mechanical processing properties and corrosion resistance as the main characteristics, can not affect the safety of the vehicle, to achieve the purpose of vehicle lightweight. 5754 aluminium truck body sheet in the truck compartment on the application of expanding, car body skin, cargo car body can be manufactured using the alloy.

Compared with steel, 5754 aluminum sheet is light in mass, which can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. In terms of welding, it has strong weldability, low tendency to weld cracks, and high strength of the weld and base metal. Good ductility, tensile strength σb (MPa): 165 to 265.