What kind of aluminum sheet is usually used for oil tank vehicles?

At present, carbon steel and aluminum alloy are mainly used for oil tank trucks. Carbon steel can be selected for oil tank trucks below 10 tons. Vehicles with this volume are generally used for mobile refueling. There is no need to go to high speed, so there is no need to consider the problem of overweight. For oil tank trucks with more than 10 tons, aluminum alloy is usually preferred. This material can greatly reduce the self weight of oil tank truck, reduce fuel cost and reduce pollution. Aluminum sheet oil tank usually refers to 5083 aluminum magnesium alloy.

aluminum sheet oil tank

5083 aluminum magnesium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, good cold workability, medium strength and good formability. It is usually used to manufacture aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, sheet metal parts of traffic vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp supports and rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc. it is a very promising alloy.

Benefits of using 5083 aluminum magnesium alloy for oil tank truck

5083 aluminum magnesium alloy oil tank truck has great advantages in terms of economic benefits, social benefits, safety and environment. It is mainly reflected in:

  1. realize the lightweight of vehicle body, energy conservation and emission reduction. The types of aluminum tank cars are reduced by about 20% compared with steel tank cars of the same size, but the transportation can be increased by 30%;
  2. 5083 aluminum magnesium alloy has high strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can improve the corrosion resistance of tank body and prolong the service life of vehicle body;
  3. Aluminum alloy has good ductility and eliminates some potential safety hazards;
  4. Aluminum has a high recovery rate and is more economical and environmentally friendly.