Alloy composition determines the performance of aluminum products

It is known that aluminum plate of different alloys have different performance.The truth is that the aluminum plate contains not completely aluminum, and various alloying elements are added. The alloy content also determines the performance and application range of the product.

For example, pure aluminum, the alloy is added less, usually a small amount of iron, silicon alloy. Of course, the aluminum content has reached more than 99%. (It is necessary to add a certain alloy to make the aluminum have a certain hardness). In the application, the product with high aluminum content is applied in electronics, and the conductivity (good conductivity of aluminum) is low. According to different applications of different original industries in different industries. Representative products: 1060 aluminum plate. 1050 aluminum plate.

The addition alloy of the 3 series aluminum plate is a manganese alloy, which has anti-rust properties, so the series of aluminum plates are widely used in a humid environment such as a refrigerator and an air lift. Refrigeration equipment and other aspects. Representative products: 3003 aluminum plate 3004 aluminum plate products: 1060 aluminum plate. 1050 aluminum plate.

The addition alloy of the 3 series aluminum plate

The 5 series are aluminum-magnesium alloys, medium hardness, corrosion resistant and rust proof. Therefore, it is widely used in ships, machinery, fuel tanks, equipment, chassis, cabinets, auto parts, etc., representative products: 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate

The 6 series is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, which combines the advantages of the 5 series and has good anti-wear properties, so it is often used in mold manufacturing and ship fittings. Representative products: 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate, 6082 aluminum plate

From what we analysis, It can be seen from the above that the alloy content determines the use of the aluminum plate and of course the price, so when you choose the product, you must consider the use and choose the most suitable aluminum plate.

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