Anodized aluminum alloy for LCD TV has both good appearance and good performance

With the change of people's aesthetics, the appearance design of TV sets is gradually developing in the direction of light and thin. Materials with light quality and high aesthetics have become the primary standard for businesses to choose TV shells. This change makes the traditional LCD TV shell material ABS plastic gradually replaced by aluminum alloy.

anodized aluminum alloy

Now, aluminum alloy TV shell is becoming more and more popular. The commonly used materials are 5-series and 6-series anodized aluminum alloy. The anodized aluminum alloy material can be anti-static, moisture-proof, fire-proof, good heat dissipation, good processability, environmental protection and recyclable. Moreover, anodized aluminum plate has a good coloring effect, which improves the decoration and gives people a different visual experience on the premise of ensuring excellent product performance.

Anodized aluminum alloy has become a new material for TV shell, and its future development is unlimited. There are certain requirements for the aluminum plate for LCD TV. The surface of the aluminum plate is required to be clean and delicate, with uniform color. Cracks, corrosion, air holes, peeling, metal and non-metal pressing objects, scratches, roll marks, oil spots, bright bands, dark bands and other quality defects visible to the naked eye are not allowed.