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What is 5000 series anodized aluminum alloy ?

Anodic Anodized aluminum plate is placed in the corresponding aluminum electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromium acid, oxalic acid, etc) used as an anode, in particular conditions and impressed current role, making electrolysis.

The aluminum anode oxide , form aluminum oxide thin layer on the surface, the thickness is 5 ~ 20 microns, hard anode oxidation film is 60 ~ 200 microns. After the anodic oxidation it improves its hardness and resistance to wear,can reaching 250-500 kg/square millimeter.Good heat resistance, hard anode oxidation film'smelting point is as high as 2320 K. good insulation, bear the breakdown voltage up to 2000 V, and enhance the corrosion resistance,not corroive in salt fog ω = 0.03 NaCl in thousands of hours.

Oxidation film thin layers having a large number of microporous,can adsorb lubricant, suit to make the engine cylinder or other wear parts; Microporous membrane adsorption ability can shade into kinds of beautiful and bright colors. Non-ferrous metal or its alloy (such as aluminum, magnesium alloys, etc) can undertake anode oxidation processing.

Anodized aluminum widely used in mechanical parts, the plane automobile components, precision instrument and radio equipment, building decoration, machine shell, lamps and lighting, electronic consumer products, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, sign, furniture, automobile decoration etc.

5xxx anodized aluminum alloy performance characteristics

The good workability:anodic oxidation aluminum plate has high decorative performance, modest hardness, can be easily bending and forming. highly speed stamping continuity is convenient for directly processed into products,It do not need carry out complex surface treatment, greatly shorten production cycle and reduce production costs.

Good Weathering: anodic oxidation aluminum plate with standard thickness oxidation film (3μm) is used in long-term discoloration indoor, no corrosion, not oxidation, no rust.Those with increasing Thick oxidation film (10 μ m) can be used in outdoor , and long-term exposed to sunlight with discoloration.

Strong metal Feeling: the anodized aluminum has high surface hardness,coming to the gem grade,high resistance to scrape ,the surface not having paint covers, keeping aluminum metal color, improving the product level and added value.

What should be paid attention to in the oxidation of 5000 series aluminum alloy?

Alloys in the 5xxx series contain magnesium. When anodized, these alloys form a strong, transparent oxide layer as long as the magnesium alloy content remains within a certain percentage range.

The difference between 5 series anodized aluminum and 6 series

5000 series anodized aluminum vs 6000 series anodized aluminum

5XXX Series - Like the 3XXX series, this series is also a manganese alloy. After the anodizing process, the alloys in this series provide a clear, strong oxide layer, making them ideal for anodizing. These alloys are sometimes replaced by the 4XXX series alloys for weld filler metals. That's because the weld color matches the rest of the anodized aluminum assembly very well.

6XXX Series – This series was developed for aluminum alloys containing silicon and magnesium. Both of these alloys are excellent choices for anodizing. The oxide layer after anodizing is transparent and provides excellent protection. This family of alloys has desirable mechanical properties, is readily anodizable, and is the most common choice for structural applications.