Ⅰ:3000 Series Alloy Anodized Aluminum.

The basic material of the 3 series anodized aluminum is the 3 series aluminum plate and aluminum coil, and the surface treatment and anodizing are carried out on the basis of the 3 series aluminum plate aluminum coil. The characteristics of the 3 series anodized aluminum are:

  • 1. Sturdy construction
  • 2. Low maintenance cost
  • 3. Corrosion resistance
  • 4. High efficiency
  • 5. Excellent performance
  • 3000 Series Alloy Anodized Aluminum
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    3 series anodized aluminum can be distinguished according to the raw material and can be divided into

  • 3003 Anodized aluminum sheet
  • 3004 Anodized aluminum sheet
  • 3105 Anodized aluminum sheet
  • They are widely used in industrial and daily necessities.