Application status and development trend of aluminum plate in automobile industry

Under the urgent situation that the world pays more and more attention to energy saving and environmental protection, it has become an important direction for major automobile enterprises to reduce energy consumption, reduce exhaust emissions and improve automobile power by reducing their own weight.

As the representative material of automobile lightweight, aluminum has become the key raw material to reduce the body weight for the development of automobile industry.

The formability and production performance of aluminum plate are very close to that of steel plate, so using aluminum alloy instead of steel material is one of the main weight reduction methods adopted by automobile manufacturers in various countries.

Aluminum alloy has developed rapidly since it entered the field of automobile industry, and its application field has gradually expanded, from the early radiator and wheel to the cylinder block, hood, body and other parts, and then to the current aluminum alloy body and chassis suspension and other parts.

Aluminum plate for automobile has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good tensile property and corrosion resistance, which is a good material for automobile manufacturing and parts processing.